Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We're moving

As much as it saddens us to move from our blogger page, it's for the better.

Thanks for all the support everyone.
If you want to keep updated with us, just visit www.RippedLaces.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Hurry up and Buy!"

If you haven't heard by now, Gravis shit the bed.

Well, kinda. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fallen Capitol review

Fallen Capitol results for weeks 1 to 4 from top to bottom.

This year has been an awaking of sorts for select shoe brands. After carefully thinking about this year, we've realized that those pros who have stayed loyal to the game but underground at the same time are finally getting the recognition they deserve. We're talking about the likes of Joey Pepper & Jack Curtin more specifically. People have been waiting for both of them to get a shoe for some time now & thankfully they are. Each of these guys have fallen into that category of "Why the fuck isn't he getting a shoe?".

We're looking to skate the HUF Pepper in the future but for now we'd like to concentrate on Jack Curtin's pro model, the Capitol. We got the chance to try out the Capitol from Fallen footwear & it surprised us more than we expected. With any vulcanized shoe, you have your premonitions about it and sort of set yourself up for disappointment because of it's expected short life span. We're so glad this wasn't the case with Jack's shoe. Throughout the review, you'll hear us reference the Capitol as a "superior vulcanized model" and by the end of it you won't even think about arguing with that statement. For such a thin shoe, it delivered some huge results.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Capitol interview with Jack Curtin

Putting these reviews out is no simple task. It takes diligence, time and long amounts of skating. If you think our responsibilities are strenuous then imagine the hard work and dedication it must take to be a pro. While reviewing the Capitol, we felt the need to get in touch with Jack and pick his brain about all that he has coming up. From what he told us here, none of it sounds easy. In fact, it makes our lives seem like a walk in the park. He let us in on everything from working on his 2nd pro model to other video projects he's working on and a bunch more. The only thing we forgot to ask him was how it felt to get the thumbs up from Henry Sanchez. That must be the best feeling ever.

Jack, what's good with the DGK video? When is it set to come out & how's it going right now?
The video deadline is right around the corner. Should be premiering sometime in Dec/Jan I think. Its gonna be awesome, full parts of Stevie, Marcus and everyone. Cameo's from your favorite rappers too. And we got some acting scenes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Glance: Vans Cab Lite

This skate shoe essential has seen every kind of change & collaboration possible & it keeps getting better with this latest rendition. After 20 years, the Half Cab is now enduring another change reminiscent of its original cutting of the collar. It's now slimmer, lighter and equally as flexible. This take on the legendary shoe is called the "Cab Lite" & it's everything you'd think & more.

If you were ever committed to Half Cabs before, this new slimmed down version is going to re-ignite your love for the shoe even more. The Cab Lite has some obvious differences than its forerunner but it still stays true in its silhouette and outsole design. The main differences that you should be looking forward to are the one piece suede toe cap over the traditional paneled toe and its newly slimmed design. Comparatively, it's night and day between the two shoes. The Cab Lite really is light as hell and you'll immediately feel the difference.

The Cab Lite's are already going through the review process.
We'll have more than enough info on them to come.

For now though, just know the following:
  •  When walking in them, you'll feel the awesome-ness of the waffle sole. They feel as though they're broken-in just because of how comfortable it feels. Once you step on the board, that all changes. It'll take some more break-in time for the suede and additional fabric to break-in.
  • They feel great in a half size smaller. Every now and then, the Cab Lite will feel snug but overall will stretch over time.
Expect for the review to be out soon.