Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The "Wrong Way" Contest

Alley oop grinds are hard. Essentially, it's just wrong, which is also why they're cool. In the case of this trick, the same rules from high school apply here people.

To be honest, when reviewing the Habitat Austyn, we toyed around with the idea of trying some alley oop 180's into grinds but we just couldn't summon the powers of Austyn Gillette. They couldn't be summoned by simply wearing his pro model & plus we felt weird doing trying them. Well, just because we couldn't, doesn't mean you can't. Kids seem to be able to do whatever the fuck they want on the board nowadays & we still haven't received the memo on how to do so. Now that our Austyn shoe review is out, we teamed up with Habitat Footwear to do this "Wrong Way" contest where one winner will receive a prize package from Habitat Footwear & Skateboards.

As you might've already guessed, you simply, actually not so simple at all, have to do a alley oop trick on street by either coming in or coming out the wrong way.

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-Make it at least a two trick line. That means do a trick before or after doing the actual alley oop. The alley oop will count as one of the two tricks in your line.

-Take your pick of how you want to do your alley oop. You can do it over a rail the wrong way, into a grind or however you'd like. For anyone clever enough, no, vert doesn't count.

-Has to be in the streets, no skate park footage.

-Must be new footage, nothing that you can reuse.

Best footage wins & will be announced on Tuesday, Oct 16th on our FaceBook.
Send your Youtube or Vimeo links to rippedlaces (at) gmail dot com.

Good Luck!


  1. what about wrong way shuv-it grinds? like front shuv to a frontside grind

  2. Whatever way you want to Alley oop is fine with us. Go for it!