Friday, August 26, 2011

eS Appreciation post!

California, Why are Arizona's more than a $1 in your state?

 Since our eS appreciation post from 2 weeks ago, a lot has happened.
I've gotten a great amount of emails from you, the reader, telling me your thoughts on the latest skateboarding tragedy. Scuba Steve has created a blog to commemorate the memory of eS skateboarding and last but not least, eS has been announced in Thrasher's KOTR 2011. Granted, this is all great news but will any of it be enough to bring back the brand we love? If eS is actually in KOTR and win, will we be seeing eS making it's monumental comeback or prolonging it's inevitable fall?

Enough of my depressing reminders and sentences ending in questions, I promise. 10 days ago I asked you to submit photos of your favorite eS shoes; the outcome was way more than I expected and I just want to thank all of you for taking time out of your everyday lives to take photos for some fucking, at times amusing, skate-shoe blog. I narrowed it down to two people who were willing to write a bit about what eS meant to them. I mainly picked these two because they had different ends of the spectrum as far as eS shoes; one was from the earlier era and the other was a more recent pro-model.

The 1st of these contributors was Taylor Fisher. To my surprise, God, Allah or whatever the fuck you believe in, blessed him with the presence of two pairs of Muska's pro models. I can't wrap my head around the fact that someone still owns these. He must've locked them away in a vault and concentrated on growing a beard. After gaining stardom from growing the sickest beard in the 8th grade, he cut it off in an attempt to seem cooler than the beard. After that failed and no one liked him anymore, he reminded himself that he had these sitting in a vault somewhere. I don't know what I'm talking about but I'm willing to bet money that this is what actually happen to Taylor. To find out more about Taylor or to ask him about his overwhelming beard, visit him on He had this to say:

"I started skateboarding in the summer of 1996. The first pair of skateboard shoes I ever owned were a pair of black sal 23s. I would switch between sal 23s and accels. Es footwear was part of my introduction into skateboarding and I am forever grateful for those memories. My favorite eS shoe was the Chad Muska pro model. Menikmati is still one of the best skateboard videos of all time and a classic!"
Taylor Fishers' Muska's

       Our 2nd contributor is Russell D. His name does have a slight resemblance to an up and coming 80's rapper but that doesn't matter. I'm sure with a name like that, he must get a lot of chooch juice on his swinging stick. You can find out whether he does or not at, He had this to say:

"eS has been a cornerstone of skateboarding since I first started skateboarding 15 years ago. I remember getting my first pair of Koston 1's and skating them till they were barely recognizable as a shoe. Throughout the years, with change ups in the team lineup and the evolution of skate shoe styling, eS was always at the head of the pack in terms of killer riders and sick shoes. The brand will remain an icon in this era of skateboarding."
Russell D's Edward
Bobby Spero was going to contribute again but is currently dying from doing it too much with his girly from Alabama. Them girls from Alabama aren't to kind when herding goats so I'm sure Bobby is aching right now. A speedy recovery my friend. He had this photo to contribute:

I'd like to thank everyone again for contributing and showing some love.

Be on the look out for our 1st contest, it celebrates our year in existence. It might involve annoying Ryan Sheckler in exchange for a pair of Etnies, we'll supply the Etnies or Emerica's or some shit. I'll keep you guys posted. Oh Btw, leave some fucking comments. Thanks, Hugs and Kisses.


  1. Awsome post, Dude. eS is going to be missed, but hopefully they pull something off and they'll stay up. Keep it up !

  2. Thanks for that intro dude & yes my name does provide me with plenty of "chooch juice"

  3. so mad eS didnt get to go on KOTR. dekline went but not eS?!