Friday, May 11, 2012

Emerica - Heath Kirchart Retirement Shoe

The Shifter Low in Dark Brown, coming Winter '12.

With managerial issues on his mind rather than the next hammer he has to film, Heath Kirchart is busier than ever. He's taking on the tasks that few others can handle with a straight face, without clenching his fists & while keeping his cool demeanor. Dealing with skateboarders is no simple task, (just ask law enforcement) so naturally managing them is hell but with Heath, it seems the other way around. From the countless times we've seen him torture his fellow teammates to the uncomfortable questions he's asked newly added ams, it seems as though the team has more to worry about than Heath.

Aside from being one of the most talented, dedicated, influential and even more, praiseworthy skateboarders of all time, it's only right that he receives the correct retirement treatment. As it was put to me by the good people at Emerica, this is his retirement shoe. It's called the Shifter Low and it's a follow up to last years Shifter HK boot. With the cut off of the Shifter HK, the Shifter Low tends to look a lot easier to pull off. It doesn't have the motorcycle inspired look and could casually be worn with most chinos on those occasions when you just have to dress up. It's due out this winter and comes in dark brown and all black. It's a full grain leather model but will be priced anywhere between a $60-70 price point, not bad at all. Also, Heath has been seen skating in it so the shoe do have the potential to be good. Possible review…? Maybe, we'll keep you posted.

I'll just leave these here.

Another shoe review is dropping next week, see you then. Have a good weekend.

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