Friday, May 25, 2012

First Glance: HUF 1984

It's been a long wait for another HUF review. The gentlemen at the brand are literally some of the hardest working individuals I've had the pleasure to meet.
They're actually a lot like Voltron; together they'll just fuck shit up.

You might recall seeing this model, it's the 1984. We covered it's debut in our Agenda sneak peek & we're finally getting a chance to put it through review. It's HUFs first technical model to date but it's a simple looking & better yet, timeless silhouette. You might be looking at the shoe & think to yourself "how is this technical?" Well, it's the outsole that's technical. HUF designed this brand new outsole with a gel cushion in the heel specifically for the 1984. There is much more to mention about the outsole but we'll save the good news for the full review.

Next week, expect a full review on a Nike SB model. It'll be our first real review with the brand that's been crushing skateboarding.

Here's a good start to the memorial day weekend.

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  1. Stage 4 review :( still waiting. Huf sick though!