Monday, July 30, 2012

Grand Opening, Grand Closing: Gravis Axis

The Axis from Gravis footwear.

While every footwear brand has recently traded in some of their vulcanized shoes for an army of cupsoles, Gravis seems to have missed the memo. It's really not a big deal but considering how "trendy" cupsoles have become, we just thought the most "trendy" brand of them all would be on board with a variety of cupsoles in their arsenal. Don't be mistaken, they've absolutely tried in the past. Gravis early on had Arto's Viking shoe, both in a high & low but since then nothing has surfaced. While checking out their product for 2013, we saw quality travel bags, a bottle of Hennessy & a cupsole. We nearly shat ourselves…a cupsole? I expected the Hennessy more than I did a cupsole. All things aside though, we've been hyping this model up as if it were Jake Johnson's pro shoe even though it technically isn't but with all things considered, it might as well be. He won't be caught in those damn club shoes.

The Axis is not a "club friendly" shoe.

As told to us by the reps over at the Gravis booth, Jake has been skating some of the early samples of this cupsole & has been enjoying every minute of it. We're not surprised, especially after the mini documentary on his knee injury. After going through that injury, the sight of a vulcanized shoe would have me in tears. This cupsole is called the "Axis" & we've already got some unfortunate news. It's not coming out. Due to some production issues over at their facility, the demand for this shoe won't be met. Apparently Gravis was introducing some new technology with the Axis & I guess it was so overwhelming & powerful that shit got crazy, machines blew up & many lives were lost during the process. Whether the Axis will still make its way onto shelves is unknown. At the very least, Gravis will try to recover & have production up in order to push it to Fall '13. 

We hope to see more cupsoles like the Axis from Gravis in the future. If they aren't careful, they could be destined to become more notorious for their good looking team of skaters than they are for their shoes. Wait, that might've already happened...

Check back in this week, I think a review is bound to show up somewhere.


  1. A little bird told me Jake is heading to Emerica

  2. Nope... it's DVS or Praxis baby!!!

  3. We the people want more gravis cupsoles!

    1. Yeah, damn it!..or we'll burn down your offices (gravis)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gravis=Too damn hipster.

    Could you do reviews on some eS shoes, Adidas Superskates, and some old-school tech shoes?