Monday, July 9, 2012

The Skate Jawn video, Best video of 2012?

SKATEJAWN VIDJAWN from Skate Jawn on Vimeo.
Last night I missed out on a very impromptu Skate Jawn video premiere. To say the least, I'm bummed but just because I missed out on it doesn't mean you should. Much of my homies can be found fucking shit up in this video and had I not been busy writing reviews, I probably would've tried to get a front nose in this video or something. With the recent uproar of independent film makers, this Skate Jawn video can please everyones musical & skating pallet. It's got everything from The Who to Cam'Ron & anything else you can imagine in it. Watch this & go roll, it's a perfect way to start this week.

Coming this week, The DC Centric S review & coincidentally a blast into the past.

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