Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News Update: Is VOX done..?

Scouring the internet for our daily dose of content has taken a turn for the worse. After innocently checking out Thrasher's latest coverage of KOTR featuring the Creature team and also watching the Krooked vs Kolorado video, we've come to the assumption, if not certifiable fact, that VOX might be on its way out.

While watching the Krooked video, we noticed that Drehobl was clearly wearing some CONS CTS'. Days later when checking out Thrasher, the Creature KOTR updates have Nav's stretching and wearing Vans. There has always been some hearsay about when and if VOX has been out of business but after seeing two of their most acclaimed riders wearing other footwear, our suspicion is growing.

Whether you cared for their footwear or not, it ultimately brings back some familiar feelings of when eS left. Obviously it won't be as heartbreaking but nonetheless, it is a alarming sign of how things are changing in the competitive world of skate footwear. Where VOX leaves, another brand will come in; for instance Praxis. But, our question is "How much longer until every skate shoe brand is dead, forced out of business and only the big 4-5 are there after the dust clears?"

In all honesty, this one doesn't hurt as much because there presence was never quite large but let this be your eye opener to support skate shoe brands before its too late. We did call the VOX offices and received confirmation from their receptionist that they are still in business but honestly, who knows...


  1. how could you even call this a "news update" by any means..
    forecasting a companies death based on online screencaps

  2. i almost dismissed this as bullshit but then i remembered that not to long ago Navs had a pro shoe...

  3. Vox died right from the start it should of never changed its name from 88 footwear, which was the shit