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Reel Review: 2nd Nature - Eclectic

For a better half of my early twenties I've been steady lurking at 2nd Nature skate shop. I've spent my weekends and/or nights after work there but it wasn't suppose to turn into what it did, my 2nd home.

Yes, at the expense of sounding cheesy, I just called 2nd Nature my 2nd home.

But that's what it is, when I'm not at home or work, I'm there. Being there has provided me with great stories and endless skate sessions with the team, which is honestly why I want to do this Reel Review. I'd tag along to some of the spots featured in the video and would love to add a little insight to what I saw from the streets to the screen (and then some).

2nd nature-ECLECTIC from 2nd Nature Skateboarding on Vimeo.

  • Fig's Wallie back board on the Ravine hubba is ridiculous. Mad hood.
  • Burton's Nollie Pop Shuv over the wall had all the addicts in that park wanting more.
  • Alex skated alot of the projects in most of his clips, making this video that more epic.
  • He's going to hate me for saying this but Sal has the best FS Flips.
  • Doug does a bs 50-50 to wallride in a mock target outfit. Red shirt and Khaki pants. He's a boss. Oh and his Kickflip back tail on tranny is not to be fucked with.
  • Lil Chris did that Nose manny line to FS Flip down to street. It was amazing to see him do that line in less than 3 try's. That day was intense, we almost got car jacked (seriously) but thats another story for another time.
  • BB's backside 270 to Nosepick to fakie on Sears banks basically gives me the right to say that no one should really ever try to go film there ever again..
  • Jose Pereyra's Switch Heel to Back Tail at Flushing is the real reason the city doesn't let anyone skate it anymore. He shut it down.
  • The fact that Isolini did that Ollie over the grate and planter was great but the fact that it was done in Elmsford makes it "fucking" great.

The intro of the video does its job and captures the fun element of skateboarding with your friends, and is something everyone should really enjoy and appreciate.

The opening part goes to Alex "Fig" Figueroa and is well deserved. If you've ever had the chance to see Fig skate you'd probably miss him half the time because he's constantly running around from spot to spot. I've seen him take the hardest slams, get up within seconds and scurry back to set up for the next try. It's great. If you are from Yonkers or Westchester, NY and know anything about where not to go, you'll know not to go to Ravine, which is where Fig got alot of his footage, especially if you're not welcome. But, if I've learned anything from living in the hood, I know that they don't mind seeing a slam and yelling "Yo, Scarred!" every once in a while. It's worth it though, there's something gratifying about landing a trick and getting props from your local gang banger while they sip on a Four Loco. Fig definitely held it down for the first part.

The next part is a shared part from Burton Smith, Alex Mosley, Sal Puglisi and Doug Brown. Burton Smith continues to wow and hold it down for the big dudes in the skate game with his ability to POP so damn high. He's a hell of a bowler too (even after a shot of Jameson). Alex Mosley aka Watermelon Alex keeps his part short and sweet with some styled bangers. Known primarily for skating nothing but Jordans, yes the $150 - $200 Jordans, Alex skates as fresh as the shoes on his feet. Sal Puglisi has amazing style, hands down. I won't let my words water down his skating, just do yourself a favor and watch what he does best. I'm not surprised that Doug Brown kills it but I am surprised that he didn't skate to some Johnny Cash. He works on so many things at one time, it crazy to think that he's got all these tricks, all while probably thinking about the next shop order he's going to be working on.

Chris Pierre-Jacques or better know as "Lil Chris" hits you over the head with a bunch of opening bangers in his part. What's great about his part, aside from the fact that he's skating to MJ, is that you really get to see his skating develop and actually get the opportunity to see him grow as a skater/person.

Brian Brown comes out of the cage the 2NTR guys keep him in, and with good reason because he straight up killed it. Most people have been wondering what Brian's been up to since his "Viajeros Loco" days and honestly nothings changed since, he's still skating harder than ever.

The 2NTR family comes from all walks of life and all around the country. In this friends section, you can see appearances from both Pauls (Tucci and Hintz). Tucci was bucking for that feeble and Hintz's line at "Man Ledges" was just that, manly. One of the Belief twins come through with a nose stall at Waverly Banks, and seeing as how we have enough of a hard time telling which is which we'll just give credit to em' both. Turk looked like Koston with his ledge dancing skills and Dylan's wallie nose manual to drop finishes the friends section with a bang. If you pay close attention you can also see an appearance from the devil child himself, Billy Waldman, it's always awesome seeing Billy skating.

Jose Pereyra manages to make the hardest tricks look easy. I can't explain how mentally frustrating it is to see him skate the hardest obstacles so easily. He definitely got the most out of the Flushing Fountain before it's last days were numbered.

Jason Isolini takes the last part of the video and really impresses me with how much of a beating he can take, over and over again. You have no idea how many times he went back to get the 50-50 off the side of the hubba and all the way down. I remember him saying "How did I do this hung over on tequila and why can't I do this sober?"

The overall summary of the video is probably a word I overuse way too much, style. Each rider did a great job at making all of their tricks look effortless, but I can not forget to give credit to the editing. I've seen countless examples of actual kids with great skateboarding skills, but because of the lack of a gifted filmer they've just looked average. I've always valued a classic, raw editing style rather than so many useless effects and transitions to make up for the lack of actual talent. When combining natural talent with an intelligent filmer it's an unbeatable and promising blend.

If you can manage to own a copy of Eclectic, please support this great and rare kind of skating because it's without question something you can't find anywhere else, plus the bonus section is filled with even more skating including a bonus Brian Brown part that's just as long as his actual part. Most of all I really enjoyed that each part from start to finish complimented each other especially considering the lack of camaraderie in skateboarding, its actually refreshing. I know for a fact that all of the friends and family featured in the video agree with me and without a doubt see 2nd Nature more as a 2nd home now more than ever.

Thanks to everyone at 2NTR that put up with me on a daily basis and a special shoutout to the rest of family and friends at 2NTR. I owe Dougie a clip in the next video, I got you Doug!

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