Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skate History: Memory Screened

I thought this interview was amazing and yes, it's a bit lengthy but it's a worthy read. I've always been a huge advocate of skate history but sometimes it's hard. Today, I learned that lesson. Sometimes you have to be very selective on what type of skate history you'd like to learn more about. 

Even as an adolescent, I always wanted to learn more and more about the history and backround of skateboarding and skateboarders. Not necessarily to be that guy that knows everything but for the same reasons people learn to skate tranny. "You don't want to go to a skate park with you friends, see them scratch the coping and not be able to hang." (I'm quoting my friend Tucci so excuse my little so cal-ness)  I've just always wanted to be able to chip in my little known facts about skateboarding and keep a cool skate history conversation going and potentially learn something myself.

I just finished watching the Frankie Hill Documentary and GOD was it hard to watch. Don't get me wrong, I respect everything that was mention about Frankie and his career. It was somewhat informative but it's hard to seriously pay homage to an amazing pro considering it's "Windows Movie Maker" feel and the fact that he's being interviewed while frying bacon. I found even more respect for what Mr.O'Dell does after spending an hour hearing Frankie Hill say "Correct" countless times. I'm still waiting on those Menace episodes and some Reemo (I use to knock this song so hard, City Staaaarrrrrsssss...) commentary would be amazing. By the way, buy that Marc McKee book and check out the old World and 101 catalogs while you're there. They're a trip.

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