Sunday, July 24, 2011

Agenda NYC 2011: eS edition

As promised and on time, here is your Agenda: eS sneak peek. Our DVS sneak peek was our most viewed Agenda article to date so lets see what you guys think of what eS has to offer.

We're going to start things off with a bang. Some photos have already been leaked on SLAP by yours truly but here are some official photos of the new eS Mike Anderson pro model shoe. Below you have our overview of all the colourways that are scheduled to hit shelves throughout February 2012. From left to right is as follows: Black/Gum in Canvas, Black/White/Gum in Suede, Dark Grey in Suede and the Navy/Grey colourway in Suede/Canvas. I'm fucking hyped for all of them and even more excited that the shoe is dubbed The "Manderson". It's your low profile skate shoe with just enough cushioning. The Manderson has a small bumper ollie area that is becoming so popular nowadays. We'll wait and see if the final touches are going to include fabric over the ollie area or if the Manderson will just stick it out with some stylish stitching. Check out the photos below & click to enlarge.

The Manderson from eS, Dropping Feb 2012

Click to enlarge, Mustache detail on the tongue.

Next to be featured is the new eS Square Two with fusion technology. I know that the Square Two's have hit shelves already and have become a big favorite for anyone who's skating a pair. What I wanted to show you is the new colourways that are coming out for Spring 2012. I have yet to test the fusion technology but do intend on getting around to it.

The styles of the Square Two fusion are as followed: (left to right) Black/Blue with Synthetic Nubuck, Red/White/Black in Suede, and Dark Grey/Black with eSuede/Suede.

All three of these models offer something completely new and different to the eS catalog, let alone skateboarding. eS continues to push the envelope with their technology and awesome collaborations. The red model is a Enjoi collaboration; it's Ben Raemers personal colourway for the Square Two and it features the Enjoi panda on the heel of the shoe. Keep an eye out for these babies to drop.

Square Two fusion, Spring 2012

The next and last shoe to be shown in our Agenda: eS sneak peek is a new model from eS called the "Bedford". As I stated before, eS isn't the shoe company to fuck with when it comes to this technology shit. The Bedford is the next generation of light weight shoes from eS. Now, I do not know how light weight this shoe actually is but when I picked it up, I was like "Dammmmn!" It's actually quite remarkable. I don't know what evil communist scientist eS has shackled up in their lab but he's working his ass off. If you're looking forward to this light weight shoe but aren't feeling the low profile style, no worries, the Bedford is also being released as a Mid during Spring 2012 as well. In my eyes, what makes this shoe stick out more than anything, even more than it's light weight features, is the eS OG Logo. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw this. If they fully bring it back, Imma slap my momma, .......two times.

The Bedford, Black/Grey colourway in Wax-off leather/Canvas. Dropping Spring 2012

Hope you like what you've been seeing so far, there is definitely more to come, including another DC Chris Cole pro model. No, I'm not talking about the ones that you see all of the dunnies rocking, I'm talking about a full on new pro model from Chris Cole. If you want to see more exclusive photos of shoes you ain't neva seen before, check back on Wednesday for our next Agenda sneak peek.



  1. To me, the Manderson's look a lot like the Emerica Reynold's Cruisers

  2. I promise, when you see them in person, they'll look thinner, lighter and better. It might just be the angles I took the photos in that make it look like a Reynolds Cruiser.

  3. the mustache on the mandersons is pretty dope