Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Agenda NYC 2011: DC edition

Okay, it's been a busy fucking week but we've got more sneak peeks for you from Agenda: NYC. We're going to get into some crazy shit. We've never featured DC on the site before so I'm overwhelmed and feel super important or something. Why? I don't know, DC just has this insane amount of money and I could smell it on them, I swear.

So, not to long ago, I received an email from Agenda saying that DC was going to be revealing/debuting pro models from Chris Cole and Steve Berra. Needless to say, I was excited to see what DC had to bring into the mix. I didn't find any Berra signature shoes but I did find new colourways of the DC Chris Cole S. Behind these Chris Coles' were a crazy tech looking shoe. The DC Cole Lite S! All of a sudden, my wet dreams of a 90's reminiscent shoe came back to me. I cleaned up my drool and gathered my thoughts.

The Cole Lite S has a very unique style; lately everyone has been complaining about the lack of creativity in skate shoes and I know exactly what they're talking about. I can honestly say that I have never seen a skate shoe that looks like the DC Cole Lite S and that makes me feel all tingly inside. I feel like skateboarding and designing skateboarding shoes at that, has gone from something completely sacred and full of expression into a direction where you're given a couple of silhouettes and then you choose 1 of lets say 3, slap your name on there, add a couple of different colors and volia! Here's your pro shoe.

Fuck that, take some chances. Yes, we all want to make money and sometimes that involves playing it safe but this is the specific reason of why I'm so excited about the debut of the DC Cole Lite S. It's a breath of fresh air. I'm not saying create another D3 because that shit just wouldn't work for kids nowadays, let alone grown men who use to skate them. But if you're given the opportunity to create something that truly represents you, then why not add a couple of bells and whistles to it?

From Left to Right: Tan/Gum on Canvas, Red/White on Super Suede & Black/Black with Super Suede. Dropping: Spring 2010
Anyways, I'm going to quit ranting and get into it. The first shoe to be featured in our Agenda NYC: DC Sneak Peek is the DC Chris Cole S (photo above). A performance cupsole with a vulc feel and a simple design featuring Super Suede to tear the fuck up. I've seen the outsole go to work in this model and it doesn't go out easily. It's also amazingly grippy; it reminded me of a less aggressive hiking boot outsole because of it's sharp herringbone tread pattern. I'm feeling that Black on Black model on the right, so I can be on my ninja stealth assassin shit.

DC Cole Lite S featuring UNILITE technology, debuting Spring 2012
 Above, what you're looking at is the new DC Cole Lite S pro model (photos above, click to enlarge). It's Chris Coles' new pro model from DC and I'm extremely looking forward to it. I know that this has a lot of specific features and I don't want to screw it up, so lets take it slow.

First and foremost, what you need to know is that DC has some new technology that they intend on changing the skate game with. Their new technology is called "UNILITE", it's lightweight, comfortable and durable. Pretty much everything you could ask for in a skate shoe.

Here is some additional information for any sknerd looking to find out more about UNILITE directly from the catalog:

"The UNILITE outsole starts life as an injected liquid, then we blend it and mold it until it becomes a high-performance polymer foam. UNILITE is naturally super light; it's super flexible so it moves with your foot, it provides long-lasting cushioning and impact protection, and because it's outsole-grade, we can use less rubber on the bottoms of the shoes without compromising performance. 

We mapped the critical outsole wear areas with our athletes test shoes, then took out rubber and excess weight from all the UNILITE shoes and kept it only in the most critical areas of the forefoot and heel for extra traction and durability.

UNILITE technology in the midsole for the ultimate in comfort and protection, with little added weight. The internal shank gives you support where you need it most, adding torsional stability under the critical arch area."

Okay, wow....that was a lot to take in. You got it?....Good, cause there's more. Aside from UNILITE, DC has incorporated other critical aspects into the Cole Lite. Some other features are Super suede throughout, including a heavy suede upper. A foam padded tongue and an articulated collar foam for heel lock, this will prevent any unnecessary heel slippage during skating. Ortho lite sock liner for increased comfort and support. A strategically place rubber outsole for long lasting durability and a unique designed multifunctional tread pattern for durability and grip. That was really a lot of information to take in but I'm sure it'll be worth it when you're picking them up from your local skate shop or zumiez or wherever the fuck you shop.

DC Lennox S featuring IMPACT technology, Debuting Spring 2012

The DC Lennox S (photo above) isn't Cam'ron's pro model shoe but maybe it should be.... Wouldn't that be fucking amazing though? Seriously....? Anyhow, the Lennox S features a first for DC shoes. It marks the debut of IMPACT technology. This new technology has a high-performance polyurathane insole engineered for maximum impact protection. It's ideal for high impact skating, such as stairs or your local dairy queen loading dock. DC's custom insole system isolates the heel and forefoot landing zones, bringing comfort and protection to the areas of your feet that take the most abuse.

Those features lay on the inside of the shoe but on the outside is what catches my eye the most. The 3 piece layered suede looks like it could take some damage without blowing out within 4 weeks and looks great from a design point of view. The first layer of the toe piece is traditionally triple stitched and has double stitched layers throughout. This performance cupsole should most definitely give you the support you need to skate all day and it comes with a PU insole for even more support. The Lennox S could potentially be one of the most comfortable and by the looks of it, durable shoes of 2012.

DC Cole Lite S, 48 CORE SHOP LIMITED. Details below
We may have covered this shoes features already but I did leave it last on purpose. This colourway is a 48 core shop limited model. As far as I know, you'll only be able to find this model in 48 finer skate shops around the U.S.A. I was explained that this is a limited model from the DC collection and that will be "in store only". This is definitely the shoe you want to be looking for. It has a classic 90's clear sole feature with orange UNILITE technology on the side to give it that extra detail and flavor. I believe that this is some sort of Nubuck/Synthetic upper and is extremely limited. Please try to find these asap because they're not going to be in your zumiez, word to motha.

I'll be attending Agenda: Huntington Beach next week, so you can expect more sneak peeks from your favorite brands. Around tuesday next week, I'll hit you with another sneak peek from Agenda NY, till then, I'm knocking this.



  1. Dude, you must be high. Both of those shoes look like dog shit. Who puts a traditional toe cap ON TOP of a soccer style toe? Looks like they runnin out of ideas and just throwin panels on top of panels and calling it new.

  2. I like the fact that there is another layer on the Lennox, durability is something that I need in a shoe.

  3. Was there anything about a signature shoe for Mikey Taylor?

  4. No, Mikey Taylor didn't have a shoe yet but I did find Berras shoe. It wasn't in the core line, it was in the main line, meaning, it'll be sold at Kohls and Walmart and shit like that. I can send you a photo later if anything.

  5. Dude, I am so hyped for these shoes (not so much the original Chris Cole S). Both the Lennox S and Cole lite S look dope. But then again, they are DC shoes, and I've had bad experiences with DC's, so I'm not so sure about them.

  6. The Cole Lite will not disappoint, that shoe looks brolic!

  7. dope!!! im soo buying those 48 core shop chris coles!!!