Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More ramblings and a potential insole review.

When I'm not stuck choosing between Party Mix and Cool Ranch, I occasionally do reviews. But on a serious note, I really have been dreading these small notifications of what's to come. I really, desperately want to put out this "Week with the Westgate" review, but it's raining today. So...again, here is another notification of whats to come.

How does that line go? "They say good things come to those who wait, so I'mma be at least an hour late" I guess this site is more or less like that. I can't believe I fucking quoted Kanye West, I want to kick my own ass so bad right now for not fixing my car radio. I've been overly exposed to HOT 97 but whatever.

This topic hasn't been completely beaten to death yet so we're going to take a couple of more swings at it while it's still kicking. Skateboarding is a completely crazy sport, whoever thought of putting wheels on a 2x4 must have been crazy. This "sport" (lame) has given me countless back problems, a broken foot, multiple fractured wrists,  a concussion and a newly developed knee problem, so who better to test REMIND insoles VS GAMECHANGERS insoles. 

I've spoken to my friends about this new insole "trend" and surprisingly none of them have heard of it. Maybe I don't have enough friends. There have been testimonials about how both of these insoles have changed peoples lives but I know we aren't that naive. I'm seriously hurt and I've had back problems since an early age so if either of these insoles are proven to change my skating or even soften the blow of an injury, I'll let you know. By no means do I expect either of these insoles to cure my pains but I'll keep you posted. They'll be featured in the C1RCA Gallant review towards the end of the month.


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