Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Glance: Vans TNT 5

This review should've been done so long ago, if not by me then atleast another shoe review site. I mention this because the Vans TNT 5 is a shoe that's been constantly requested everywhere; forums, facebook and from word of mouth. I'm not giving in to the "power of the internet" but I've actually found time to do it myself. During the C1RCA review and the insole review war that took place, I was trying to schedule my friend to do this review but unfortunately different schedules and miles came in between having this review done sooner.

Why the fuck do I always tell you these things?
 You must have grown on me but anyways heres your first glance at the Vans TNT 5.

I actually came by some down time in between reviews not to long ago and got the chance to skate some Vans Old Skools, which inspired me to get this review done. Vans often gets shit for the similarities in all of their skate shoes, rightfully so, but they do have an untested and unquestioned formula for making great skate shoes. Simplicity......it's simplicity, nothing else. The TNT 5, like most Vans shoes, has everything where it needs be. By tomorrow I should be at a week of skating and I'm really excited to put out this review. (below are preliminary photos before skating)

Here are some "FYI" facts, from my point of view, incase you are impatient enough to wait for the full review and want them NOW! Don't blame you.....bro.
  • Right away the shoes feel really comfortable. They have a nice fit and they were true to size. Upon skating, the comfort was still there but the first couple of ollies happen to shifty over on me. I found that this happened because of the early "bulky" feeling I got from these new shoes. It only happens because the shoe doesn't yet have a damaged or scratched surface for the shape of your board to follow. This happens to be common among most shoes when breaking in so don't be scared or be a pussy or whatever. Into the 2nd hour of skating the shoe was fully broken in and I had an awesome slappy session as I became more and more comfortable with the shoe.
  • Despite looking slim, the shoe feels somewhat heavy but is a good sign of protection. The shoe has padding in the heel, throughout the tongue and this "stock" insole is incredible. I haven't weight it yet so don't even bother asking, hoe.

More details to come as the Vans TNT 5 review wraps up this month.
By the way, this band should be zillionaires, seriously.

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  1. I've worn the TNT's for years. I never thought I would miss vent holes in the toecap, but between those being gone and the lacing being tighter, I feel like my feet are in a toaster oven. I like the thinner tongue though, the TNT2 mids felt like moon boots on the instep. I'm planning on trying out the AVE's on my next purchase. Also glad these went down to 60 bucks. 70 was a bit stiff for skate shoes.