Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Brotha from another Motha!": Sal Puglisi

You may remember an article that we had not to long ago, it was called "Lil Chris will fuck you up" featuring one of my closest friends, Chris Pierre-Jacques. I never realized it but I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by many talented friends that rip shit up, on and off the board. This new segment called "Brotha from another Motha" hosts to my talented friends, who I feel, deserve it all.

Sal Puglisi is the nicest and probably the most naturally gifted person I know. I know from seeing him skate in person but digging a little deeper I found out, from speaking to his parents privately, that at a young age Sal's parents wanted him to be able to jump "high as fuck". For no particular reason, they just knew it would come in handy. So, at an early age, Sal's parents would refuse to let him go to school in order to pursue this dream of jumping......"high as fuck". Took him out a school, made him lift weights and when it came time, they released the beast from his cage and into society with his skateboard in hand.

I stated that he is the "nicest" guy I know, I don't mean "YO SON, you NICE". I mean this motherfucker will "help a old lady cross the street and shit" nice, but granted he still does gain the praise of all of the ghetto spots we go to where they echo "YO SON, you NICE". In this day in age, talented skateboarders are a stones throw away from acting like elitist super models. It's like an unwritten rule, if you're better than most kids in your community, you automatically deserve the right to be a dick and still gain praise from all of those kids that are "beneath" you. Not to blab, but it makes sense. 

Think about it, what does it take to be a "talented" skater?

  • Confidence - You must be sure of yourself at all times in order to pull off whatever scary shit you're trying.
  • Strong willed - You must be determined to/try whatever it takes to get that trick.
  • Concentrated - You must have the action and power of focusing on your effort.

That's not all that you need to become the "perfect" skater but in most cases the above 3 create the classic formula of an "asshole & spectacular skater" or the acronym "A.S.S."

Sal has all of the mentioned above but isn't by any means an "A.S.S.". He's the working man's skater. I don't normally appreciate a man's figure but the dude is "brolic". This is from working like a man with his pops and I imagine from getting it in with his baby moms. When he's not tapping that ass, he's skating with precision and just as hard as everyone else. The crazy shit is that he skates this hard after work or before work, without thinking about being tired or fatigued and still holds a smile on his face. I really couldn't go into detail about how good he is but he has one hell of a frontside flip. Be that as it may, that won't be his claim to fame when that day comes. His claim to fame will be from his character, individuality and personality. Sal is your favorite skater's skater, or at least soon will be after they put him on their team. If I could go into detail about Sal's skating, I probably sound like this when I'm most hyped.

To this day, Sal still jumps "high as fuck" and on a more informal note he get's....."High as fuck." Check out TornRetina for some of Sal's footy and be on the look out for him, he's good.


  1. fuck yeah sal is the shit,
    and his fs flips are pretty spacey

  2. you're spot on, sal deserves the best!