Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jenkem mag: Ian Reid, the 7-day weekend program & My guide to finding hood music without going to the hood this summer.

It's not very often that I re-post something that's already featured everywhere on the internet. For such a rare occasion to happen, the material, whether it be video or written, must be re-post worthy and something that I don't want to go away so fast. As we all know, the lifetime of internet material is average 1-2 days. This interview with Ian Reid has some great stories to vicariously live through if you weren't fortunate enough to live in a NYC hood. Jenkem Magazine has some amazing articles and even a "Best of Jereme Rogers twitter" article. It's one of the best finds that I've found in a while.

To coincide with his interview, it's only right that I bring some hood shit into this post. Summer is around the corner and music is shittier than ever. Obviously, the radio isn't what it use to be and so I've compiled sources and direct links where to find music for your mood this summer. I've personally taken the route of going with the good ole' oldies but I'll try to cover all your needs.

When I want the latest mixtapes, I don't go to Datpiff but Mixtape torrents because of the lack of spam and it's categorized really well. Lately though, I can't stand current rap and hip-hop so I've gone with taking a time machine back into 1997 and 98'. Also, check out Dante Ross blog for random music gold. Like this one.

Because of the heat, I understand that rap and hip-hop can be a bit overwhelming at times so if you're looking for some chill music to just lounge out to, I'd suggest going to Unfound Sounds. Unfound Sounds is a blog I found and use to get my latest indie trip going. Use it to it's full potential and snoop around and try to find the next original song to use for your "worthy" montage.

If you have any sources for finding new music, don't be a bitch and share. Post it in the comments below. Stay cool ya'll!

Nigga Flip, found this thanks to this kid,
He's the truth.

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