Monday, June 27, 2011

We're finally giving shit away.

Aside from it being summer time, the season of titties and toes, another past time is among us. Contest season. No, I don't mean Maloof or by no means am I mentioning Street League, I'm talking about the time of year where bloggers (or whatever the fuck you want to call me) dig deep into our pathetic pockets, scowling for our last penny to find another way to entice viewers to come to our site.

Truth be told, I've been planning something like this for quite sometime, I just never got around too it, i.e. never got a pair of shoes I couldn't review myself. The good people at Habitat have hooked up a pair of Habitat Lark skate shoes. Fortunately for you, they're free but I thought I'd make it interesting. The only stipulation to get these is a small 2-3 minute video review. I thought about this after receiving emails sometime ago about how I'm "reviewing shoes all wrong" and how "I suck". This all may very well be true but I hate myself too much to care. Just kidding. I care, I love you all.......Gay.

The contest unfortunately is only for New Yorkers and I will soon be doing a California edition once I get out there. Eventually, I'll try to make this world-wide but thinking very small has gotten me this far so let's keep doing it this way. (for now)

The shoes are a 9.5, brand new in box and have never been skated. Upon meeting up, we'll film together at your spots and you'll rip these fucking shoes up. It sounds like a good time, you down?

Leave your comments, your youtube footage links and whatever else you think I may find interesting below so you can have these shoes. In the case where no one responds at all, I will fill these shoes with dog poo and put them in a brown paper bag on a door step and then I will light it on fire. It will all be documented and look something like this

"Tell em about it hoe" - Tha Realest.


  1. Yo, I'd be psyched to rip these shoes! I never have any money for shoes, boards, or any other skateboard related things. I hope I'm not too late, I really need some new skate shoes! Thanks!

  2. woah, hold up, did anyone win? anyway... I seriously do wish these shoes were a 12... not like I would've won anyway. but still.