Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Agenda NYC 2011: Emerica

             Agenda NYC is all done and I'm glad to say, as I write this I'm on a plane to shitty California. Just kidding, the truth of the matter is that I've never been and am super excited to see what Agenda Huntington Beach has to offer. I'm gonna try and cover all corners of that place and get as much coverage as possible but hopefully drunken whores and other funny distractions won't get in the way.

What you're looking at now is the Emerica Sneak Peek from Agenda NYC. There weren't a whole lot of new models out this year but their were definitely some pleasing colourways of some of your favorite models.

As stated before, Emerica has such a great line up of shoes; they've been able to take a break from designing and have had the time to concentrate on putting out some unique and not shitty colourways. A new model in particular, that I knew I had to cover, were the Hsu 2's. I think Emerica's fucking brilliant, instead of having consumers wait, the Hsu 2 comes in a mid and low model to please the masses. They both release Spring 12' so if you're not a "mid kinda guy" or you need that extra ankle protection then I'd suggest trying the Hsu 2's.

The Westgate is obviously one of my favorites and it comes back this season with some interesting colourways. We can be honest, right? What the fuck was whoever thinking when they designed that middle colourway!? Whatever, it's all good. I'll let this one slide, but overall I'm feeling the gun metal and cranberry/black colourway. Spring 2012 is when these shoes drop.

What most people don't know is that the G-Code is the premier shoe that inspired me to start Ripped Laces, it's a long sotry so I'll save it for another time but since skating the G-codes, I've had a yearning to get another pair on my feet for personal use. Theses new colourways do not disappoint and I absolutely dare someone to bitch about this shoe, don't be that asshole.

Sorry for the vague details but I figured if you've been paying enough attention to the site then you'll know the deal with all of these great models. Agenda Huntington Beach is tomorrow and I'm fucking exhausted so I'm going to quit typing now so I can save my energy for tomorrow to keep you little bastards happy.



  1. Kinda lame that g-codes was the inspiration behind this blog. Would've thought you had nostalgic love for the development of skate shoes from the 80's to 21st century.

  2. Hey Player, Obviously a 12 year old isn't running this blog. I've had a passion for shoes since skating in the mid 90's, the truth behind why the G-codes are an inspiration behind Ripped Laces is because the shop I was working at, the G-codes weren't selling because kids were still fascinated by their vulcanized fixation. After I skated the G-codes and explained to kids how well they skated, I realized that I could take all of this "word of mouth" info and spread it throughout skaters all over the world. I've been doing this since I've had a well developed idea of what real skating is and gotta keep doing it for those who are interested.

  3. Love the g-codes, probably my favorite skate shoe of all time, a close second would be my Vans AV Era 1.5s or my éS First Bloods. But man, I have to disagree about that middle colorway to the Westgate. I happen to find that colorway awesome.

  4. To each their own. I think it's awesome that somebody out there likes em'.

  5. that's because that colorway is awesome!