Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Agenda HB: Fallen

                   Agenda California is all done and I had an amazing time. I'm definitely not accustomed to the smooth ground and I was seriously addicted to those red curbs. Thanks to everyone that may my stay incredible.

Fallen has yet to be featured on Ripped Laces so I'm hyped as a pig in shit. Their are a ton of new pro models, which I'm really excited about because Fallen seems to be at the forefront of supporting their team riders with signature colorways and pro models. Check out the new releases from Tom Asta, Billy Marks, James Hardy, Slash and some fucking awesome collaborations. Fallen also seems to be introducing some new and soon to be common technology with FLX. FLX or Flexology footwear construction uses a lightweight eva midsole and provides the heel protection of a cupsole designed shoe with the similar boardfeel and break-in timing of a vulcanized shoe. Be on the look out for models featuring FLX.

Fallen X Lowcard Collaboration, Forte SP 12

I've heard nothing but great things about the Forte but have yet to skate them. I've heard it's performance has continued to gain praise with the Forte mid. Honestly, the mid isn't at all that high but is strategically put together to give you the protection where you need it without the bulky or sometimes uncomfortable, and overwhelming feeling of a mid.

Fallen Forte Mid, SP 12

Spring 2012 looks promising with the release of James Hardy's pro shoe, the "Rambler". Their has been some debate as to whether it's too soon but if you've seen his Real part then you know that he deserves every bit of it. The Rambler features FLX techonolgy and is reinforced with a heavy-duty suede throughout to expand the shoes life span. James Hardy did it right by also reinforcing the ollie area in the Rambler, so expect to be wearing these for a while.

James Hardy "Rambler", SP 12
Slash delivers another potential classic. Slash's 2nd signature shoe from Fallen is appropriately dubbed "The Easy". His new shoe is as simple as can be and is a "put on and go skate" kinda shoe. It looks great for dressing up or dressing down and theirs probably little to no break in period.

Slash pro model 'The Easy", SP 12

 The "Vice" is the latest signature shoe from Billy Marks and Fallen footwear. It's another simple skate shoe that you can throw on and enjoy anywhere, from the skate park to the casino. The Vice has a traditional one piece toe cap and comes with custom Toy Machine art work on the insole to give you that extra sect power you'll need to make your next trick. It features heavy-duty suede, just like most models on Fallen and has a vulcanized sole for your instant skating needs.

Billy Marks signature model "Vice", SP 12

The Bomber is a team signature model that I couldn't ignore. The colorways alone make this shoe extremely appealing and it's traditional silhouette is a classic in the skateboard world. The Jack Curtin model in particular looks amazing and was my personal favorite out of the four colorways. 

The Bomber, Jack Curtin colorway, SP 12
 If Tom Asta wasn't popular enough, his 2nd signature shoe from Fallen Footwear was at Agenda Huntington Beach. His 2nd shoe is named the "Seventy Six" and is the most technically advanced shoe in the Fallen line. The Seventy Six comes with FLX technology, a slim low-profile cupsole design and features heavy-duty suede throughout the upper. It also comes with a premium high impact performance insole for extra protection and has a 400 NBS outsole to increase grip and durability against abrasion from griptape and the dirty streets of your city. The Seventy Six is the perfect combination a high tech 90's shoe without all the exra straps, air bubbles and weight.

The "Seventy Six" by Tom Asta, Sp 12

That wraps up our Fallen Sneak Peek but come by tomorrow, I'll have another one already lined up for ya. Sorry for the late posts but you'll understand eventually. I've been working on a huge project! Nuff Said...


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