Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Glance: Converse KA-One Ox

The Ka-One hasn't been out for too long but the man behind the shoe has. Kenny Anderson has probably been skating for two decades now; so what makes him your favorite skaters' favorite skater? Could it be his effortless style that makes his skating so timeless? Or is he himself timeless? Does he posses the key to eternal youth? Kenny is Asian and they've been known to be sworn to secrecy when it comes to their ancient medicines and herbs. An abundance of clues suggest that this rumor may be true; one of them being his long, silky and voluptuous head of hair. Could his shampoo and conditioning styles be as smooth as his skating?

These questions have lead to me dig further and further in search of an answer. So what do I need? I need an Asian skateboarder to skate these shoes and make them look as good as Kenny does.

I only have 1 Asian friend and he's already doing another shoe review for me so thats out of the question. I'll have to improvise. Whats the closest thing to an Asian? I don't know but I do have a good friend who pisses me off on a daily basis simply because he skates as effortless as Kenny. He's Italian though...

It's common for Italians to be sworn to secrecy, we're getting warmer... And although he doesn't study herbs and medicine, he's been known to smoke a whole lot of it so I think this might be my best bet to getting closer to finding out if Kenny Anderson is truly ageless....The review should be out in two weeks.

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