Friday, January 13, 2012

Agenda LB Sneak Peeks 2012: Lakai, Part 2 of 2

We're back with part 2 of 2 from Lakai and it's looking just as appealing as part 1.
With this follow up post, we'll be featuring some rarities from Lakai.

We're going to continue where we left off and bring you more XLK related shoes.


I think that has some potential to be a sticker. Get on it guys & make sure you send us a pack. :)

Guy Hi XLK, Dropping on 6.20.2012

The Guy Hi was a favorite among the staff here at Ripped Laces but now it's being introduced to us with some XLK technology. The new Lakai Guy Hi XLK not only rhymes but it's a great looking one piece toe cap. This toe cap has a subtle stitching design on it that's been popular for sometime now but doesn't add or take anything away from the shoe. This high design features some great ankle protection for anyone looking for some extra support qualities. We all know that more and more people are investing into mid & hi-tops due to their fucked ankles so it's great to see some diversity & choice coming from brands like Lakai. The Guy Hi XLK comes in some darker tones but looks aesthetically pleasing for a traditional black & grey design. You can expect these to have a good EVA footbed and durable suede surrounding it at all times. Check out the photos below for info on when they'll be coming to a shop near you. (photo above)

Another popular design from Lakai is being reintroduced to us with some XLK technology. The MJ Echelon was a shoe that debuted last year but never really left it's mark. (no pun intended) It wasn't fully appreciated but has been anticipated for it re-release now that it's under the Girl branch. Things have definitely been different since they've moved operations from Podium to Girl and no one is complaining. This year, the MJ Echelon is coming fully surrounded with a premium leather that'll have a great length of longevity but it also looks perfect for taking it from the office to the streets. You'll look great whether your dressy or messy in these MJ's. They have a gum rubber outsole & a EVA footbed so you'll feel comfortable at all times. If you're not into getting your "grown-man" look on, then you'll find no problem skating these. The MJ Echelon XLK have a double stitched toe cap and is noticeably raised with the XLK outsole. All this means is the shoe will potentially last you much longer than the vulcanized model in the past but then again this is probably true for any model featuring the XLK technology.

Marc Echelon XLK, Released on 5.20.2012

If the Guy Hi is for support & the MJ Echelon is for that dressier dude, then the Linden is for that straight skate rat. The Linden is that one piece toe cap shoe that you've been waiting for. It's developed with XLK construction and is ready for whatever abuse you have for it. The cupsole design is coming back in a big way and it's all for a reason, it works. The paneling on the side is double stitched so even if you manage to hit it with your grip tape, you won't have a problem with blowouts. The Linden has a sockliner to keep it lightweight and a mesh lining along with perforated holes to keep your feet cool at all times. It's most definitely for that "slip on and go skate" kind of person.

Linden, Coming out 7.20.2012

The Telford model has been around for quite sometime now. It's possibly one of the more slept on models from the Lakai brand but has been a core favorite amongst a select few. It returns for fall 2012 with it's same ole XLK construction & durability but with some attractive new colorways & some new features. The Telford XLK has been updated in the design & shape categories. It's new fit will have a better position that'll secure any skater with ultimate board feel & comfort throughout. It was slightly changed because some of the older models were rather bulky so they slimmed it down to look more appealing and to function in a much lighter fashion. We have two favorite aspects of this shoe. The first one is it's polyurethane midsole that was developed for impact reduction. This newer technology has us wondering how well it'll work but we applaud it's remarkable ingenuity. The second celebrated aspect is that the navy suede model is weather proof. This model is covered with weather proof lining that you'll notice around the tongue & collar. This will keep you dry at all times & the orange & black laces give it that extra appeal to match it's manliness. We're backing both models & you should too.

We saved the best for last, well, at least we think it is. The Muni from Lakai is a one time venture but a celebrated one at that. After speaking with the Lakai brand manager - Mark Schlosser, he gave us some more insight on this model than we could have never gotten from just reading the catalog. I asked him if the Muni was a functional runner that could also be utilized as a skate shoe; this is reminiscent of older models from the late 90's - early 00's when skating shoes that resembled running shoes was the norm. He answered that "It isn't a skate shoe in any sense. All of us were at the table in a meeting, this model came up & we were all really excited with what we saw." He also mentioned that the Muni was a "brand builder". Even though they never plan to release similar models, they're thinking more outside the box for those consumers who want Lakai's for off the board purposes. It's Lakai's runner & first time collaboration with Vibram outsoles. They used Vibram technology for this model because frankly, they're the best at what they do. It's got suede upper throughout & the EVA foam is featured in the midsole & insole of the Muni. Truthfully, we don't know how the rest of the industry or consumers, for that matter, will take in the Muni but we applaud Lakai for it's ability to move forward as a brand. This new era of skateboarding has everyone from moms & dads wearing skate shoes but we believe the Muni isn't just for them. Skateboarding is possibly the most difficult thing to perfect. For those like Guy Mariano, Rick Howard & other skater's on the Lakai team, getting hurt is much harder than it use to be. We look at the Muni to be utilized during physical therapy & for any off the board purposes.

We're definitely looking forward to a pair.

Thank you to everyone at the Lakai & Girl brand for taking the time out to speak to us during a hectic & busy trade show week. We'll return next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday to show you a sneak peek of Manny Santiago's premiere pro model. It's still in processing but you'll be happy with this exclusive from Axion & Ripped Laces.

Happy MLK weekend people. Have a great one.


  1. lakai is killing it!

  2. The Linden definitely looks like the Prod V... I like it. I've noticed that a lot of Lakai shoes have some sort of Nike inspiration. As long as the Linden doesn't have the ridiculous price tag that the Prods have, I'm picking those motherfuckers up as soon as they drop.

  3. Belmont XLK all day! All these shoes look great, definitely backing them after skating the Rick Howard XLK soles. I would recommend those shoes to anyone!

  4. No wonder mike mo left.....