Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Agenda LB Sneak Peeks 2012: Lakai, Part 1 of 2

The Marc. Not featured in the article, we just thought it was a good opening photo.

Lakai has always been known for tying together a healthily campaign filled with playful colorways and original silhouettes. For this reason alone, we had no choice but to see them at this years Agenda LB trade show. Lakai brings a good amount of new models to the table and are at the forefront of bringing back their version of the cupsole in a huge way. Their XLK sole construction has been one of the more envied cupsoles in the industry and is currently being integrated in most of the past vulcanized models.

Seeing as how we're addressing the cupsole, lets start off with one of the models that we're looking most forward to. The Brady Belmont XLK is the reconstructed version of the Belmont vulcanized version that was release years ago. It's being reintroduced to us with XLK sole construction but isn't limited to the cupsole model. The vulcanized version is still available for those who aren't quite ready to make a commitment. Show a little back bone!

The Belmont Brady XLK features a herringbone tread pattern, lightweight molded EVA footbed & a gum rubber outsole. The durable suede upper has been tested and approved by Danny Brady himself to ensure that this shoe will live up to pro standards. You can expect top quality from such a casual looking shoe and maybe expect some chicks checking you out. This model will be released in Black/Grey Suede (photo below) & Black/Gum Suede colorway (not shown).

The Brady Belmont XLK in blk/gry suede. In a local shop near you on 5.20.2012

The Belmont is still the same old Belmont you can love & abuse. It has all of the above mentioned features with the exception of the XLK sole construction & the EVA footbed. Instead, you'll have a flexible vulcanized construction for maximized board feel & a full-length shock absorbing insole. The use of colorways this season from Lakai looks amazing so you'll probably have a hard time deciding on which model to commit to. Good luck.

The Belmont featured in Black Suede & Grey Suede, dropping 5.20.2012

If you weren't looking for that casual look, don't trip. The BB3 is here and has most of the technology you're looking forward to from Lakai. It's not boat inspired, it's pot inspired. The BB3 has a pot leaf embroidered on the mesh tongue and it's motto is "pot luck". I don't know how much luck you can gain with this shoe but you can definitely guarantee a bunch of dirty looks for your towns finest police department. The BB3 features the XLK sole construction along with an EVA footbed, a gum rubber outsole and a form fitting upper for comfort and support. It's similar to the Carroll 5 that we're reviewing but with a thicker and longer lasting outsole. I wonder if the BB3 will have a stash pocket..?

The BB3 in Black, released on 6.20.2012

The BB3 in White, released on 6.20.2012

The Carlo is going back to the dressier look but is no doubt functional for any session. This may undeniably remind you of a Janoski but we can look past that for the time being. The Carlo is one of the more popular team shoes that has been approved and tested by the entire Lakai team. It's the vulcanized shoe you'll want just for wearing & you'll end up skating it after a drunk night of kicking to the bar. The Carlo's best feature is how form fitting & accommodating it is. So, if you can't manage to fit your huge feet into a pair of Janoski's then you'll have no problem picking these up. It isn't dangerously narrow so you won't feel like you're wearing your sisters high heels & you'll be able to walk the next day.

We'll be back on Friday to bring you part 2 of the Lakai sneak peek. Til then, let us know what's your favorite model & why in the comments below or on our FB.


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