Friday, January 27, 2012

Agenda Sneak Peeks 2012: Etnies

Coming to your local skate shop, Fall 2012

Agenda might be over but we still have a shit-ton of photos to show you from your favorite brands for 2012. eS might've gone under hiatus but the boys over at STI Labs look more motivated than ever to bring out their best. If you don't believe me, check it out...

Etnies and Jose Rojo aka Joe Red are introducing a new model to your feet this Fall 2012. The shoe is named after none other than Big Red himself and it comes with a simplistic style and a unique perforated design. The "Jose Rojo" is a slim silhouette that'll give you all the breathability you need while looking great & stylish on your board. The Jose Rojo is also different in the sense that it's secondary sole doesn't wrap all the way around. There is a break in the middle of the sole will just add to the flexibility of the shoe and allow you to skate these bad boys easily out of the box.

All colorways, to be release Fall 2012

The Bledsoe Low & Mid are back again in a number of new colorways that'll be sure to capture your eye. They both return with traditional black colorways that you trust and love but the alternative colorways look amazing. No alterations have been made to the Bledsoe, but that's a good thing. It still has minimal padding, an unorthodox lacing system that has made people's lives easier and the almighty DTTF Pro 1 insole. The additional trim on top of the sole will add to it's life expectancy so you can enjoy it for longer and save some loot. We're going to try and get these for a review in the future, we're definitely curious to try that unique lacing system. We'll keep you up to date.

Etnies Bledsoe Low, Fall 2012
Bledsoe Mid, Due out Fall 2012

The Owen may look like your grandpa's church shoes but don't get it twisted. The Owen is a throwback of sorts. Back in the day, every skateboarding shoe brand made thicker soles that would take a beating like non other and last you well over a month, sometimes two. As skeptical as you may or may not be, the Owen happens to be one of the most comfortable shoes this year from Etnies. It's features include a flexible and timeless herringbone tread pattern, the Foam Lite 1 sockliner that handles any funk you bring to it and the durability of a cupsole. If you're an OG, you'll know the idea behind the Owen.

The Owens outsole and colorways.

The Owen, due to release Fall 2012

Tomorrow, we have another sneak peek that'll knock you on your ass.
See you then and if you're skating, be sure to rock this out for a couple of minutes.
It'll give you that smooth flow.

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  1. The new Jose shoe looks so good. Seems like Etnies has been trying a little harder lately.

  2. Agreed. The Rojo's look great, more colors please!!