Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Agenda Sneak Peeks 2012: Fallen, Part 2 of 2

We're back as promised with your Fallen part 2 sneak peek. Today's sneak peek is all about the cupsoles you've been waiting for. It's a no brainer that people have been switching back to the almighty cupsole for it's reliable function & cushioning. Both of the following cupsoles have Fallen's recent Flexology technology. If you need to get caught up with a thorough explanation of it's performance value & explanation, check out last years Fallen sneak peek where we broke it down for you. The gist of it is a thicker, harder & better grade of rubber used in the outsole & sole to provide the best cupsole with a vulcanized feel. 

The Rambler is James Hardy's pro model and people have been going crazy for it. It has all the simplicity and appeal of a vulcanized shoe but brings big support with it's cupsole technology. All of the colorways shown here are due to release for Fall 2012. Fallen even collaborated with outdoor brand & Hardy's newest sponsor, Poler (above). That model features a unique water resistant suede and ripstop nylon fabric that's commonly used in most of Poler products.

For eco-friendly consumers & vegans alike, the Rambler also comes in the traditional black/ white colorway with synthetic suede & canvas material for your use & abuse. Each of these colorways are visually appealing and the Rambler seems to have a ton of momentum to potentially make it Fallen's best seller. Fuck yeah James, congrads!

This next model practically needs no introduction. The Seventy Six from Tom Asta is currently being reviewed and things are looking bright. This seasons Seventy Six isn't much different than last years Agenda sneak peek with the exception of the colorways. It still features Flexology technology and it's 400 nbs sole feels better after each session. There are no new materials being used, strictly suede for the best skating possible. All of the following colorways are scheduled to be released for Fall 2012. Keep an eye out for em'.

We'll be back Friday with another Agenda Sneak Peek. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see more sneak peeks not featured on the site such as new Half-Cab colorways & collaborations. Most of these unpublished sneak peaks came from Agenda NYC. After sitting in a handful of meetings, I can say that 2012 is going to be a huge year for skate footwear & apparel brands all around. Thanks to everyone at Agenda for making each event better and better each year.



  1. the tommy sandoval shoes look alot like mark appelyards shoe the eaze

    1. They're James Hardy shoes, not Sandoval's..