Monday, June 25, 2012

eS eBay store, final countdown.

 When asked about his favorite shoe on the board, Michael Bloomberg simply said "Accels baby, Accels."

Admittingly, we've know about this eS eBay store for about two weeks now. It was in our best interest to try & buy everything before posting & promoting it here but we ain't caking' it that hard right now. Unfortunately, RLs came short on the forbes list this year but we'll get em' next year. Surprisingly though, Mexico is on top of their game, while the closest Billionaire in our vicinity is in twentieth place. You think MB has a special place in his heart for nostalgic, limited skateboarding footwear? If so, he needs to come through and invest because I predict a huge turn over for eS memorabilia 5 years down the line. Invest, triple OG OG OG. Btw, seen his pro model yet?

 Although buying all of this Spring 2012 eS gear is bittersweet, we can't help but be hyped to find most of it at cost. At the top of our wish list is the Portsmith Jacket, the Ellipse (eS Runner shoe) & the throwback "sheep" Keswick shoe. Aside from that, you'll find Rick McCrank's last pro model for the brand dubbed the Vancouver LX. It was obviously his pro model but eS never formally had Crankers fully endorse his own pro model because throughout his years with the brand, he always did poorly when it came to pro model sales. Hmph, hard to believe. On the other end, Mandersons are going quicker than chicken and waffles. I understand why though, it's everyones last chance to get anything eS related because I've heard some pretty reliable and unfortunate news about their unlikely return back into the game. Call it being rash or overly delusional but we really did believe eS would make a comeback in about 3-5 years time. The only thing that's missing from this eS eBay store are the Accels in the cream colorway MB's holding, Kellen James & Rodrigo TX pro model shoes that we've been anticipating since forever. Hopefully none of you buy out all of the 11.5's & Larges; remember who sent you there!

Speaking of Sole Tech, we're trying to cover another one of their 2013 shoes exclusively but the internet stays fucking shit up. Expect it this week.

Happy bidding.
A good read & more nostalgia here.
Also, super hyped for this!


  1. Appreciate the Bloomboard shout. — B

  2. Would it be OK to skate them, or would you advise us to keep them as collectables?

    1. I'm personally going to buy some to skate & double up on the pairs that I'm going to collect.

  3. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed readingBuy Vans

  4. I ordered the ellipse and the keswick. The only keswick that said sheep on the side. So pissed they didnt have any accels though. Oh yeah and a 5 panel.

  5. Made sure I bought myself 3 pairs of square two's, a pair of theory 1.5 (for skating, a pair of plain white accels and a pair of clay tons. Gonna buy me some more square two colour ways and bed fords at the end of the month. Gonna miss és

  6. I still read this article with disappointment, and a frown on my face...