Friday, June 15, 2012

First Glance: The "Austyn" from Habitat Footwear

Habitat Footwear Austyn, out for July '12. Waxed Suede Model.

 Austyn Gillette's first pro model is schedule to hit skate shops on the first of July. With the anticipation leading up, we've got an advance pair to test out from Habitat and we plan on giving you a full review by the time they hit skate shops. We've already started skating it and it's nothing but good news so far.

If you can't wait for the full review and plan on getting these as soon as they hit skate shops, here's the top 5 best things about skating the Austyn:
  1. The vulcanized sole & PU footbed have a perfect chemistry that make skating the Austyn's out of the box so easy. 
  2. It's a one piece toe so you already know it's going to do amazing with any flip tricks you throw at it.
  3. The seamless stitching adds a subtle style to the shoe without distracting you when looking at your feet. 
  4. Austyn's first shoe is on the thin side with minimal padding on the collar & tongue but that's what makes it such an ideal summer skate shoe. 
  5. As always, the traditional Habitat outsole is up to par and keeping our feet grippy.
We could keep going and add on how we've been pulling mad hoes while wearing the Austyn's but I don't think it has a place in the top 5 quite yet. Super close to some ball-cuzzi action though.

Scheduled for release on July 1st, 2012. Vegan-Friendly Austyn model from Habitat Footwear.

 If those 5 reason weren't enough, the Black & Olive model is certified vegan friendly. I know we've got some loyal vegan readers and it's been harder than ever to get a vegan shoe that can last the test of time. This vegan friendly Austyn was put together with water-based glues and has an all natural rubber outsole. The top of the shoe is completely covered in a waxed canvas and nylon fabric for countless reasons; one of them being breathability. These won't fall apart easily and if you want some in-depth reasons & proof, you'll just have to wait for the full review.
Have a good weekend & Happy Father's Day to all the loyal pops out there.

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  1. When are these out in the uk ??? Please reply !!