Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collectors Stash: eS Footwear, Part 2

Kubota holding a rare pair of Senix MV's.

When we weren't drooling over Kubota's hard work, we were questioning him about it. During this Q&A, we noticed our infatuation with the Fall '12 collection was growing stronger & stronger with every photo. While shooting these photos, I did have a moment of enlightenment. You really start to realize what we've taken for granted for so long was finally out of reach. More than just showcasing this Fall '12 collection, I hope this "Collectors Stash" will serve as an awakening reminder to support those brands you truly love & to reinforce why you should stand behind them.

When & how did you become infatuated with skate shoe design? What really set it off for you? I’ve pretty much always had a love for shoes, but when I became a buyer for a local skate shop in 2000, that’s what really set it off. I was always pretty hyped to check out the new lines and see what technologies were coming, who was getting a shoe & all that fun stuff.

How long have you been designing skate shoes?
I’ve been a Product Manager at Sole Technology for about 4 years.

During your time at eS, what were some designs you help bring to life?
Some of my favorites would have to be Edgar, Theory 2.0, Ellipse, Bela Vista, KJ1 (Kellen James), Manderson, Keano, Vancouver. I have to give BIG props to Rick Marmolijo, he's the head designer at Sole Technology and I had the pleasure to work with him on éS and continue to work with on Etnies. 

There were so many consumers anticipating the last eS catalog. You had the Kellen James shoe, Rodrigo TX's & the Mandersons just to name a few. Which one from those three really stand out in your mind? Which one did you work on of those three?
All 3 of those are pretty special to me. Those were the last 3 pro models that Rick and myself worked on with the guys. All the shoes had a little bit of each guy’s personality. 

We distinctly remember you showing us a pair of Rodrigo's shoes that he himself skated. Just curious, how did he like them? What were his feelings after skating them?
That was a pair I was psyched to get back in that condition. That was the second or third round of wear test for TX. The first two sample rounds needed tweaks and he brought them back looking new. We made some adjustments and when I got those back I knew TX was stoked. He asked, “When can I get more?” If you look back at some of his adverts you’ll notice a camo pair he was rocking.

Rodrigo's skated & tested "Bela Vista's"

What do you miss most about eS? What was your favorite era of the brand that was made by skateboarders for skateboarders?
The things I miss most about éS are the Skate Team and the internal éS Brand team. Good people and memories!  I will always have a deep love for the brand and feel pretty damn lucky that I was able to be apart of it. 

What's your favorite eS related memory? Any cool background stories you'd like to share for us skate-nerds out there?
Don’t know if this is my favorite but its one to share…Team Orders with Scuba. Scuba and I use to write some big team orders and we would sort shoes and get ‘em shipped to all the guys. I always left with a huge stack! Thanks Scuba!!!

We know that you're currently holding it down with some talented designers over at Etnies, is there anything we should be anticipating in the near future?

Last but not least, what do you intend to do with your collection down the line? Are they going to the grave with you? 
Taking it to the grave. Those shoes will always bring back some memories!

Joe Brook's signature Colorway.

Brook's photography through the clear soles.

Theory 2.0, Chocolate X eS collab.

Krooked First Blood Mids.

Leland LX.

Keswick in Blk/Gum.

I feel really stupid for not getting these when I had the chance, eSheep.

Limited Edition First Blood's.

Edward's from Macho Tail Drop.

The infamous & popular Man Wolfs.

These were going to be reviewed until the unbelievable happened. Mandersons.

McCrank's Vancouver.

Bela Vista in a Canvas Grey.


  1. I have the manderson's now, and i really like them, for a thin-vulc shoe they skate well. Only problem for me now is the laces, I ripped through them in the first week of skating, but I skated every other day for 4-5 hours, so their durability depends on the amount of skating. I'd reccomend them, great comfortable shoe, and easier to break in than the Edgars, which i managed to skate for 9 months (seriously, with shoe goo, and all the repairs). Both are awesome shoes. really gona miss Es!

  2. Really going to miss éS! My favourites are the La Brea. Amazing shoe, so comfortable, good looking and durable. Think Sole Tech. really should have dropped one of the other brands and not éS...