Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming soon: Huf 1984 review, more sneak peeks & why California sucks/ rules.

We stole this from our own Instagram. That should say something about our work ethic.

By now you know that we feature up to two reviews every month. With the Flauge lace protector review debuting on the first of the month, we're starting to wonder what review we should schedule next? What would you like to see? Most of the time we'll take your feedback into consideration but there are instances where we personify a young dictator & get all 'Stalin' about what's next to come. To follow the consensus of every skater with a brain, we've been feeling cupsoles lately. There's been some heavy consideration on getting a youngin to do vulc reviews for us soon. Could that be you?

Here's whats to come this month:
-Huf 1984 full review
-Sole Collector: We're not saying what old-school brand yet.
-Dissecting: Nick Merlino's Huge fucking kickflip at the end of Foundations 'WTF?'
& more shit we can't let you know about right now. 

Peace Cali, you were okay...
Can't wait to get back to NY, just to eat pizza.  
-Why weren't we warned about Cali pizza?

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  1. You guys hear about the LA council being pricks about skaters? It's insane. I suggest you check it out, The Berrics shared a link about it on Facebook. Glad I'm in NY for skating.
    Still super hyped about all of your posts! High quality stuff, always trust your word on shoes!