Friday, August 10, 2012

POV: O.G. Rowley's > SPV's

"Why dey have to push the SPV when all we wanted was dem O.G. Rowley's?" - Jada

If you haven't been following us on da gram', we're currently out & on the side lines with a fucked back spasm. It's lame but we're finally getting to some overdue work & emails we've been slacking on. Speaking of which, we've had this Rowley photo for about 2-3 weeks now. What the fuck is wrong with us? It most definitely should've been posted a while back but seeing as how we've been preoccupied with tons of shit, here it is. Now that this photo is out, one question comes to mind: Why is this Rowley reissue coming out in 2013?

Along with DC Lynx's, Emerica Heretic & any other fundamental skate shoe that we as kids/ teens grew up skating, this Rowley reissue has been on the top of the list of models to reappear out of retirement. We're more than likely going to end up skating it, maybe even reviewing it. Although with that said, I can't see a review on this shoe engaging those younger than 16 right now...

Reissued "Motorhead" Rowley's.

The sole reason we question the Rowley's reappearance is because of Rowley SPV's. His most recent pro shoe has been a favorite of some but not by any means many. There have been numerous complains about it's lack of support & grip but seriously, what do you expect? Rowley himself recognizes that the shoe is virtually gutted from the inside & is thin as hell. It's what he wanted in the SPV. The question here is how will this reissue fit side by side with the SPV's at local shops? Coming from their POV, I know that SPV's won't have a chance to move with these reissued Rowley's sitting next to them. They're polar opposites & seeing as how we live in a society where the newest commodity is king, we can see the SPV slowly gathering dust. On top of that, everyone has woken up out of their vulcanized hypnosis to find cupsoles at their feet, patiently waiting.

Looking back, I almost wish the SPV's didn't come out in the first place because it wouldn't have prolonged this reissue. Much like the decision making behind buying the SPV, is it a good idea to review the reissue Rowley or do you already know what to expect from it?


  1. These have styles for miles and a couple of cups off steeze.???? Cant wait to skate these again

  2. Might be me, but the spv's are some of vans better made shoes, and they're the only vans I will buy. Skate what you skate, and don't judge the ones who like what you hate, on the other hand, the reissues look like something worth skating, i love classic style, with new school technology.

  3. Speaking of Vans, can you do a review of the LXVI line? The shoes in the line seem packed with features and all but are those shoes really made for skating and taking abuse?

  4. Fuck that! I'd still be interested in a review of the Rowley reissue. Flip's appeal is one thing these days, but those were a great fucking shoe... unrivaled, really.

  5. Oh, right, you said younger. Hah. I'm an idiot. Well maybe it WILL appeal to people younger than 16 given Flip's appeal these days in that case...

  6. I hope Vans make one of the colorways vegan friendly.

  7. definitely late on the reissue. they are uglier than I remember them, despite skating upwards of 5-6 pairs of them in the 00s.

    spvs are great. even thinner/gummier than old skools and last longer. loved that Rowley finally designed socks with soles.

    the only people going back to cupsoles are those that followed the trend to vulc. vulc was and still is my preferred shreddin shoe of choice.

  8. i'll buy a pair of reissues for sure. (though i'm very likely to start calling them puleo's).