Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sneak Peeks: Emerica Reynolds

The Emerica Reynolds has finally been posted to the internet and has already created a ton of buzz. While it's only been a number of hours, there already is an uproar between those who love it & those who are apprehensive. The truth of the matter is that we do understand both sides of the argument.

For the most part, those who are put off by the Reynolds are more than likely upset because it's something completely unexpected of Andrew Reynolds, keeping his past models in consideration. As surprising as this model may be, keep in mind that in recent footage he has been found wearing nothing but midtops, more specifically the Westgate. All of these points & arguments have their own validity but one point amongst all come to mind: Reynolds is unfuckable with. We don't know anyone who would hate anything Reynolds related because all & all, this shoe is fucking solid, inside and out, like the man himself.

As simplistic as the Reynolds may appear, it's the most technical & complex model from the Boss himself, maybe even Emerica too. That judgement is yet to be known until we've skated both the G6 & Reynolds. Keep posted for that article soon. We did have a first-hand experience with checking out the Reynolds though & can exclusively tell you that there is an abundance of technology involved. Most of it is unexpected from someone like Reynolds but they're all elements worth anticipating. Without going into too much detail, we'll surface more as the release date comes closer, that means probably next week...

Expect a full interview with Reynolds & Emerica's head footwear designer August Benzien sometime soon.


  1. Even though it might be a while, when this is released in a low I will go ape shit

  2. This is so sick as a mid top. This shoe looks amazing and im sure it will skate amazing to. I prefer mid/hi tops so i dont hurt my ankles as much.

  3. What's the sole technology of the shoe looks impacty

  4. Damn, I'm so in for this. I've been skating nothing but Blazers recently after a bad incident with Es Square Two Fusions. If these are as high as the SB Blazer, I'd buy them immediately.