Friday, September 16, 2011

First Glance: Emerica Hsu 2 Fusion

Ripped Laces success hasn't grown over night. It's taken hard work and dedication. We've been recognized for so much of our hard work that we're proud to say that Jerry Hsu himself has approached us to introduce his First Glance. The Hsu 2 Fusion from Emerica is next up in our list of reviews. We asked him to provide a few words on his new shoe and here's what he had to say... (photo below)

The Hsu 2 Fusion is the next shoe to be featured using our video reviews but more importantly it's the 2nd Asian shoe review we're doing this month. The first one is the Converse KA-ONE and we spoke on whether Kenny Anderson holds the key to eternal youth. Their is still no confirmation on this but hold tight, we'll get you your answers. Now, we're moving onto the Jerry Hsu 2 Fusion from Emerica. It's entirely the opposite of Kenny's shoe. Jerry reintroduces us to his mid-loving ways and adds a few bells and whistles to this shoe. It has an in-sown toe cap, which hids the stitching from any unwanted blow outs and has a very comfortable and refreshing silhouette. I'm extremely happy to say that this latest mid-top doesn't look like a halfcab so thank God for that. Oh, I almost forgot, here's the english version of what Jerry had to say about his shoe.

The review should be out by the end of the month with a full video behind it. Oh and btw, we're looking to get this shit hole off blogger and make it legit. Any graphic designer out their wanna make some mula....? Hit us up at



  1. Those joints r sex I jus kno its going to b a dope ass review!

  2. I just bought the Widows based on your sweet review of them, and already I want these too just based on look!

  3. dude you just said that youre glad that the shoe doesnt look like a Half Cab, but the thing is the shoe its like a fuckin' converse.

  4. Please do a review on "The Leo" it would be greatly appreciated, thank you