Monday, September 26, 2011

Round 1 vs The Edgar

As you might've read or completely ignored, we suggested not to skate The Edgar out of the box and to give it a 1-2 day breaking in period. Now, because we're completely impatient and have no sense of direction, we went ahead and skated the Edgar right out of the box. The Edgar is so tempting that we caved and tested it out for 4 hours to let you know what potential battle you'd be facing. Here are some of the our conclusions.

The Edgar can be skated out the box but you'll have a difficult time. We strictly did it because we're insanely impatient and wanted to test them out asap. As stated before, it's a stiff shoe and despite it's wide appearance, it feels somewhat narrow. This is all attributed to the hidden rubber toe cap that lays beneath the suede. It's added layer is ultimately what makes the shoe in itself stiff. For those with larger and wider feet, I'd suggest to carefully decide whether you want The Edgar that bad. For myself personally, speaking from a wider foot point of view, I can say that the pain is worth it. During the 1st and 2nd hour of skating, you'll feel slight discomfort on the sides of your foot. It isn't overwhelming enough to add any blistering to your foot or toes but nevertheless it's something that cannot go unnoticed. During the 3rd and 4th hour of skating the shoe, I felt it loosening up a bit and making my skating a little easier. It's one of those shoes that pay off in the long run after dealing with some minor setbacks. The hidden rubber toe cap is a bitch at first but overall adds to the durability and takes an extreme amount of damage like nothing. Skating them out the box felt uncomfortable but was awesome in retrospect. The height and placement of the toe cap is in perfect position to do any flip trick with ease. Normally, with a shoe like this, you wouldn't even attempt any flip tricks on the first day because you'd end up annoyed and flustered. But again, we went against the grain and broke the rules to see how far our boundaries stretched. I did try some flip tricks at the very beginning of skating The Edgar and I'd say about 75% to 80% of them were successful. Now, I'm no Cory Kennedy but because of the positioning of the toe cap and it's height, with a simple flick of the ankle, all flips tricks seemed plausible.

We're going to continue to face the Edgar and give you a full month review in the future. Look out for it and see how well we really did against The eS Edgar.

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