Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Traditional Weed Post.

These are the "House of Marley" brand headphones. It's a new brand coming on to the market started by the Marley's to tap into the ever-growing headphone market. They sent me these headphones to do a review on there quality and sound but truthfully I'm no professional in that field. I mostly deal with letting you guys know what shoes suck and what will last you for your buck. So, because I cannot test these, let alone keep them, what should I do with them? Originally I was going to give them away in a contest format. The format was going to consist of contestants smoking a lot of fucking weed and then doing the best tricks possible on video. Maybe even to the sounds of the late/great Bob Marley. Unfortunately, I have to ship these headphones back to the "House of Marley" making this only an idea fading away into existence.

So now, I'm temporarily stuck with these headphones, that I can't keep or give away, but I must review them. Here's my review:

This type of "House of Marley" headphones are a high-tech in-ear design for deep bass and sound proof performance for maximizing the listening experience. When I wore them to skate, I couldn't hear shit but the music and the vibrations from my rolling wheels on the crusty ground. There is additional information on their site but they fail to show you how the headphones come after purchasing. The HOM headphones come equipped with a eco-friendly sack for storing your headphones for all occasions. More importantly, I tested how much weed the sack could hold. This Rasta inspired, eco-friendly sack can contain a quarter ounce of that good sticky icky, which translates to about 7 grams. Perfect for a stylish weed storing system.

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