Sunday, September 18, 2011

Footprint King Foam insole review

You should all have my head for not putting this review out sooner. The fact of the matter is that I've been looking forward to filming a review rather than convincing you with my words. I've come to the point where I feel like I'm hypnotizing readers instead of actually showing them how good some products really are. Unfortunately, the realities of life get in the way and in between scheduling dates and losing footage, the video review just couldn't get done. We made a valiant effort but it's all gravy…or wavy…Whatever. Anyways, back to the review.

I've had these King Foam insoles for about a month now and they're worth every dollar. They haven't gone thru any specific or major changes, such as flattening, deterioration or tearing. They've also been in and out of different model shoes in order to see how well they perform in different silhouettes. From cupsoles to vulcanized shoes, the King Foam insoles best quality is the ability to adapt.

Some information or advice towards using King Foam insoles are the following…Please note that I do not work for Footprint so you're taking advice from some fucker behind a keyboard who may be abusing his power….Just kidding.

As stated, these insoles should be used to increase comfort and support for those shoes that make your feet ache after a full day of standing or skating. I have a flat foot and I could tell you that they lowered the pains in my ankle from standing substantially but don't necessarily increase arch support. When Alex Figueroa first skated the C1RCA Widows, we went filming and he attempted a 50-50 to a large 6-foot drop. After several tries, he refused to skate it anymore after feeling some unwanted heel bruises coming together. Alex then skated the Widows with the King Foam insoles and felt a massive difference. Even though King Foam insoles thoroughly adapt to any model shoe, I'd say that they would work best with most vulcanized shoes rather than cupsoles. Traditional cupsole models always feature a patented formula for added protection instead of maximizing boardfeel, which explains the demise of its popularity since the 90's. The vulcanized shoe of today depends on a solid insole in order to subject your feet and lower back through the pain you put it through. Let's be honest, their isn't a better feeling in this world then boardfeel, but I can actually think of one better…..being able to walk when I'm 65. I'd honestly recommend, if they fit correctly, to put the King Foam insole underneath those paper thin stock insoles you're given when slipping on new shoes.

Since the demise of eS, I've paid homage to the late and great company by skating in Accels. These aren't the OG ones, they're the reissue series from last year with the Ortholite insoles and heel counter shank around the heel of the insole. No doubt that the stock insole is great but after skating a number of days in a row, my feet did started to feel sore. These King Foam insoles have the same depth in height as the stock insoles, but what sets them apart are their clean non-perforated bottoms.

Some insoles already come micro-perforated in order to add breathability and decrease the possibility of fungus build up in your foot. Unfortunately, these micro-perforated insoles do potentially lead to wear and the loss of buoyancy in the insole. The King Foam insoles do not have any openings or holes in them which may lead to flattening, ripping or loss of comfort. Another honorable mention is the weight to the insole. They don't have a remarkable amount of depth to them but supply enough cushioning if you plan to use the King Foam insole alone. This practically opens up endless possibilities to how you'd like to use King Foam insoles. Layered or Alone, the insoles perform remarkably.

As stated before, at $15.99, King Foam insoles are a must. Even if you don't intend on using them all the time, I'd suggest having them as a solid back up plan when it comes to skating large sets and/or drops.

Thanks to Jason at Footprint for getting this review together and expect more from FP in the near future. I hear they've got some crazy things in the works.

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