Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ripped Laces VS The Edgar

A staple in any house hold kitchen

Before every review, we place careful consideration into effect so that each review is as appealing as the next. The shoe & brand should represent a quality that we would love to recognize, a unique design and offer some form of new technology during the process.

When we reviewed the eS First Blood awhile back, we threw all those thoughts to the side. They were still our guidelines but we strictly just wanted to skate the fuck out of that shoes. It was the best and most organic way to skate them. Normally, after reviewing more than a dozen of shoes, reviews can potentially become more of a "job" than actually skating. Sure, you get to skate free shoes but you have to make sure you're on top of how many hours have gone by, record the data and then publish it before you get blacked out wasted. On top of this, schedule each review carefully to make sure everyone of them remain relevant. This can all be very tedious and at times annoying. You're starting to see what I'm talking about, right? But I'll save my bitching for a later time and wipe my pussy now so we can continue on with this post.

Luckily, every so often their is a shoe that I would actually love to skate, even if I had to pay for them. This was the feeling I got when we were approached to review the eS Edgar. It's a shoe that brought back all these feelings of nostalgia from the First Blood review. Sure, it wasn't long ago but it did in a sense reminded me why I started doing these reviews. When we first started out, we paid for every single shoe out of pocket up until the C1RCA Gallant review. Since then, shoes have been piling up and everything has been getting crazy. Regardless of that fact, we still push on to let you know what shoes are durable and worth your hard earned money.

This post is titled "Ripped Laces v.s. The Edgar." Why? I don't know, it sounds cool but also, it's about showing the initial test we put it through and our "breaking in process."

1st Test of The Edgar

In order to make this article work, we had to get into the "Bobby Worrest" state of mind. Which leads us to our first two photos. Before doing that, we had to figure out the blueprint of the shoe to make sure it could clench our ice cold beverages.

2nd Test

At first, we tested it with an Australian beer to see if it could hold it's extra large bee-ear. We then moved onto a Heineken. This was possibly the best review I've ever done.

Our Blueprint

Our testing isn't at all complete. This was just sort of a cock tease of whats to come. Check back in tomorrow to see the first day of skating The Edgar.

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