Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Agenda Long Beach Sneak Peeks are Coming!

             In 2011, JadaKiss came into 2nd Nature Skate Shop while I working there. In 2012, Myself & the crew will be seeing DMX in Long Beach during our Agenda Sneak Peek articles. After all of this, I can die in peace to meet Biggie.

If the show is anything like this video, I'm gonna be that dude in the D-Block t-shirt, barking like a dog.

During this fun ass trip, the RL's team will be hosting constant updates of whats to come in the skateboarding industry and we'll be leaking some of it during the trade show on our twitter account. Follow us @RippedLaces (if you don't already) so you can see the latest pro models and maybe a potential titty pop out. Mad hoes ya'll, mad hoes....

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