Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Glance: Lakai Carroll 5

You'd think that after 3 days of rain, we'd be posting more consistently instead of on the first nice day of December. Only us...

Lakai has been on the list of "to-do's" for some time now. Especially since they moved their operations from Podium to the Girl grounds. I've always heard the complains about Lakai's and their quality but I can without a doubt, vouch on behalf of the Carroll 5. They're keeping up with the Cupsole-Vulc fusion technology and have implemented a better cushioning system which makes their transformation a difference of night & day. As always, if you're eager enough to try them out asap then I'd suggest getting them, otherwise you'll have to wait for the full review in 2012.

Reviews are coming soon and believe me, I'm getting sick of saying it and not posting them. The Ka-One & the Emerica Hsu 2 fusion are the next ones lined up for review. Til then listen to this.


  1. Lakai has gone down hill ): what happened to real skateboarding shoes?

  2. I have this shoe, and i love it! :D Skates good and is soft and coushioning!

  3. Really nice shoes if you are looking for a chiller that feels comfortable and looks good. OK durability, but I just wished that they had it triple stitched instead of just double stitched. Not just because the toe cap is the place where it will rip eventually, but also because triple stitching looks good imo.

    One thing I love about them and that I miss e.g. in éS is that the tongue is kept in place with elastic bands inside of the shoe. Keeps the tongue in place and for chilling you don't need laces.

  4. How do these fit? I hear it's good to size down 1/2 for Lakais?

    1. They have a ton of cushioning so you can even go as far as going a half size up for comfort if your feet are large. Otherwise, they're true to size.