Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Random Reviews: Christmas Presents.

Now that Christmas is behind us, we can all breathe easy. The most wonderful stressful time of the year is over. We've got a great amount of reviews lined up for the new year from brands like Etnies, Ipath, Nike & more. We've also got a surprise debuting for the new year that we're fucking hyped on, look out for it. Before we can get into any of this shit, I wanted to do a write up on some of the things I got for Christmas, almost a review on my gifts so to speak. We've never been the type to relish but we can't help but think that you'd might like some of these gifts for yourself.

I remember this video being much older but apparently it hit the screens of the internet about a year ago. Since watching this Austyn Gillette - Day in the life, I've always wanted that balance board he pulls out from under his bed. Well, not the exact one, that would be creepy & stalkerish. To much of my surprise, this balance board was under the tree.

Peep the full line of Balance boards here.

Because it is inevitable, rolling ankles is something you try to prevent at all costs. Whether it be mid-top shoes, ankle braces or doing side step exercises, the risk stays the same. As we all age, we become weaker, fat and at times, less active. I now have no excuse. This balance board has been incredibly hard to find and when I have found some in the past, they've been tremendously expensive ranging in the $100's. We all know that you save those gifts that you're too cheap to buy for Christmas time and I couldn't be any luckier. After trying it out for a couple of minutes, my ankle did feel loose, strengthen and awake. This balance board can also be used for push-ups, foot rests and other exercises. If you have a history of fucked up ankles or are just interested in getting one of these, your best bet is buying this online.

When other people don't get it right, it's time to take actions into your own hands. This limited edition LRG X Workaholics Crew Neck was something I had to have so I bought it for myself. For those who grow more manly and may jerk it occasionally to Rambo: First Blood this sweater is a no brainer. But if you're also a huge fan of Workaholics, same rules apply. Unfortunately it's sold out on the LRG site so take your chances on eBay and good luck.

Full details here.

Going back to the healthy side of skateboarding; we as a community have grown more keen to biking. It gets our legs loose and has been the number one choice for any skateboarder coming out of an injury. Recently, some of my friends and myself have been biking from spot to spot, biking a total of 12 miles to hit random skate spots. The biggest challenge isn't getting up the steepest hill or watching out for cars but is figuring out a way to rig our boards to our bikes. We've tried everything from shoe laces to bungee cords and it all works…poorly. Fortunately, my wife @Ashleytron had noticed that and decided to buy me this…

I haven't had the chance to try it out on my bike yet but when the warmer weather comes around I'm gonna be on my "1-nut Lance Armstrong" shit. For other bike related amenities, Ash also showed me this nice Etsy store for some other accessories.

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  1. balance board! i actually bought one because of that day in the life last year

  2. I finally got it from my wife for Xmas as a present. Now, I don't skate before spending a couple of minutes on it.