Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Collection: Supra

Supra Douglas Boot in Brown FG Waterproof

Boots haven't been popular since DMX ruled radio stations world-wide with his grizzly "lets get it on!" and his overflowing popularity of barking like a dog. He used to religiously rock Timberlands and even raced his friend in a bet to see who would wear lipstick. If you've seen the footage, you'd think he was wearing new balances. After searching for an hour on numerous sites, I couldn't find the footage so use your imagination. This is the only imagery I can think of when talking about boots. I've never been a boot person myself but since growing older I've gotten tired of wearing wet skate shoes during the winter. After doing the Skytop 3 review, Supra decided to send us two pairs of boots for this winter collection article.

I realize that the end of the year is around the corner and I should be compiling some sort of "top 10 shoes of 2011" list but I hate those. Maybe after we make our first billion, I'll think about it. Besides, once the popularity of "lists" go away, I'm going to beat it like a dead horse and put out a "top 5 or 10 shoes to look forward to for 2012" to coincide with our Agenda Sneak Peeks. It should be dope along with some other surprises we have for 2012.

Last year, we did a product watch with the DVS Winter collection. All of you weren't as hyped on the DVS collection but it isn't in our nature to give up. Here we are again with the Supra Snow Collection. It's a small fragment of their new boot arsenal but we were given these two models for your viewing pleasure.

The first of the two is the Douglas boot. It's a brown full grain leather boot that's waterproof through and through. It's a true to size model and comes equipped with their high quality full Eva insole with a sticky rubber heel insert. It's the premium insole from Supra, which is always accommodating. It also comes with a thick collar covered in Neoprene lining. This is the same material used in Surf suits so it qualifies this boot as waterproof no matter what. The outsole is made out of a heavy duty gum rubber with deep tread marks for grip against snow & ice. I've worn them around a bit when reminiscing of my days of wanting to be like DMX, while walking around barking at everyone. Unlike the DVS snow line, these boots are non-skateable (obviously) unless you're Kyle James or Drake Jones.

Supra Henry Boot in Grey Full Grain

Secondly, you've got the straight forward Henry in a grey full grain leather. It isn't as complex as most boots but is lightweight compared to it's competition. The Henry will provide enough warmth and waterproof action but isn't the grippiest boot out of the bunch. It's tread patterns are there but don't run deep enough for full traction against some of the fucked up weather you can be expecting on the east coast. Overall, we're thankful to be checking both of these models out because we're going to need them for this harsh weather. Any word yet on when the snow will drop?

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