Monday, November 14, 2011

First Glance: Fallen Seventy Six

Tom Asta is an extraordinary talent. This is a fact, whether you'd like to believe it or not. He brings all the talent and subtle good looks to keep up with the likes of Sheckler but not beautiful enough to hang with team handsome. While his good looks might not attract every Zumiez whore, Tom continues to stay in the background despite his newly found popularity. His rise to the pro ranks is his reward for endless youtube parts, his Color Theory debut video, practically living in the tour van and his longtime devotion to skateboarding. I know that his accomplishments have flooded message boards as to whether he deserves to be pro or not. Clearly, the guy behind the keyboard is nostalgic about continuing the traditional format of waiting a bunch of years or doing something truly significant before getting the green light. This is nor here nor there but is an elephant in the room for those reading this first glance about his 2nd pro model shoe. Regardless of the fact as to whether you agree with it or not, you'll more than likely be tempted to invest into his shoe, dubbed the "Seventy Six". It's the first technologically advanced shoe from Fallen and it's going to be put to the test by our standards. It's the first Fallen review we've ever done and the good people at Fallen were nice enough to send us an advance pair of the Seventy Six. The Seventy Six isn't scheduled to drop until Spring 2012 so if we survive through this NY winter, we'll be able to let you know how well the shoe skated and lasted, so you can get a pair for yourself as soon as they hit the shelves of your local skate shop.

I'll be honest and say that I have been growing sick of saying "one piece toe cap" but nevertheless can't avoid it's growing popularity. Plus, every one piece toe cap shoe isn't manufactured and developed the same way so I'll stop bitching about my problems now. As stated in our HB Sneak Peek, the Seventy Six is Tom Asta's 2nd signature pro model and is diversifying with the likes of the Fallen brand. It's a breath of fresh air for anyone that has been following Fallen and the shoe itself looks promising. First and Foremost, this model is a certified L-R-G collaboration. I believe this is L-R-G's 2nd collaboration with Fallen and doesn't seem to be the last. The shoe is grounded with Fallen's Flexology technology. This FLX construction uses a lightweight eva midsole and provides the heel protection of a cupsole designed shoe with the similar boardfeel and break-in timing of a vulcanized shoe. It's seriously a perfect blend for anyone who's looking for protection and the ability to skate a shoe right out of the box. The outsole is made with 400nbs rubber, which is the hardest and grippiest grade of rubber without sacrificing any comfort. Along with this durable outsole is new tread pattern from Fallen. It's features flex groove patterns and strategically cut lines in the shoe for easily breaking in the shoe within minutes. Inside of the shoe lies an adequate eva foam insole. It's not to thick and not to thin, it's just right. There is mesh lining throughout the inside of the shoe with perforated holes for breathability purposes. I almost forgot something about the one piece toe cap so let's back track for a sec. The one piece toe cap has a thin plastic insert which isn't overwhelming but lies underneath the suede. To be honest, it's practically unnoticeable so you won't be distracted by any discomfort from a thick rubber feeling. Overall, the shoe seems to be covered in all areas for a successful review; all there is to do now is to put it through hell to see how long it'll last. I'm sure it'll surpass most of your expectations, much like the skater behind the shoe. Thanks to Chad, Eric, and OG Jason Rothmeyer over at Fallen for making this review happen.

Sorry for the lack of reviews, I've got a shitload of work but you guys can expect the summary review of the eS Edgar on Wednesday and the CONS KA-ONE review should be out by the end of the week. I've actually got a bunch of material ready to go so check back here and you'll more than likely find some cool shit.



  1. really can't wait for this review. My first experience with Fallen (Cole Rippers) wasn't a good one because of the horrible insole. No insole that I replaced it with felt comfortable because of how thick the tongue was. But this shoe seems promising. *Fingers crossed*

  2. It's good to see that Fallen finally caught on to their insole problem. I'm currently skating The Rookie, Tom's first shoe and it skates well and the insole's are better than some of Fallen's previous shoes like the Slash. This shoe is definitely going to be Fallen's best and is going to make them a contender in the shoe game.