Monday, April 16, 2012

The Adidas Skateboarding & Dennis Busenitz Quick Strike

At an attempt to reach and appeal to the "Quick Strike" audience that has undeniably taken over skateboarding, Adidas is releasing a special edition Busenitz titled "The Blusenitz". Nothing too original but it's their first go at this (with the Busenitz) so we'll cut them some slack.
It's being released to certain independently owned skate shops and comes with a limited edition sticker pack with each purchase. As far as the colorway goes, it's nothing to go crazy about. Seeing this special addition colorway actually gives me a new found respect for the quick strike team over at Nike SB. It certainly can't be that easy to come up with colorways and catchy names to match.

I mean, what would this colorway be dubbed..? Perhaps the macaw? I searched google images for items that were blue & yellow and this was the majority of what showed up. I have no idea what love Dennis Busenitz has for the tropical bird; perhaps their is a back story missing. Whatever the case may be, if you're interested in these at all, be sure to call your local skate shop and ask if their one of the lucky ones getting them. They're due to be released on 5/1 and Adidas even had Dennis sign a shitload of commemorative soccer balls to shop owners. Truthfully though, with my experience, I've noticed most shop owners don't give a shit about this kind of memorabilia so if you're not too timid or at least a friend of the shop, try and negotiate a couple of more bucks to get your hands on that ball. It could go for big bucks on eBay.

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  1. we cut you some slack for not posting shit so might as well cut adidas some slack

    stop being lazy asses and update this blog i like this blog stop fing lagging

  2. is it a new dennis busentz shoe

  3. 'Ey Anonymous, think of this..Quality not quantity.

    I'd rather this be updated rarely if it meant the posts are finely typed up and are interested to read(which they are) rather than constantly monotonous posting stuff that is totally irrelevant and is boring to read.

    But back to the topic posted I think this colourway's pretty cool but nothing much different to what they've released. Like I've got the pair of the Adidas Busenitz in gold/blue/white which is really similar to this one as posted just with a yellow panel at the collar. I really doubt my skateshop would stock this but if they did, happily get myself a pair in size 7 thank you very much!