Monday, April 23, 2012

First Glance: Gravis Arto Mid

Let's face it. You could get through life a whole lot easier if you're good looking. This is fact. I know this because I'm behind a keyboard and not on a runway strip ready to strut my stuff for a inconceivable amount of money just for walking. Everyone on Gravis is good looking and that's probably one of the attributes needed to just get on flow. Just sayin ranting... 

After we finished the Filter Duro review, the good people at Gravis were still interested in doing another review to see how well their next model could withstand our review process. We were hyped to say the least but we wanted to do a video review this time. I've been busy to the point of not even being able to keep up with some projects I already have on my plate so during this dire time, I look to video reviews to free up my workload. For this Gravis video review, I'll need some of these necessary elements: A handsome gentlemen who could pull off cuffed pants, v-necks and is capable of skating incredibly well under these circumstances.

Now, these aren't actual necessities but they can't hurt...

I don't know too many attractive people. I don't know why but it could be because society has chained the unattractive to the ugly and the beautiful to the high cheeked. I don't make it a mission to hang out with those who are average looking but I probably shouldn't hang out with those who are better looking because it will only draw more attention to how monstrous I'd look next to them. I digress, I do have some handsome friends but most of them wouldn't want to wear a v-neck (willingly) during this review. I do have one in mind. His name is Dustin Younie and he's a maniac on the board. Aside from being naturally talented on the board, he's so handsome he's probably the only skater I could think of that could pull this song off. I'm lying, mister Rieder is more handsome-er so I'm sure he could pull it off too.

(Dustin is the guy who noseblunt drops into that janky man-made bank. Holy fuck.)

One of the main reason I really wanted to review the Arto Mid is because it's rubber "bumper" patch. I thought it'd make for an interesting review. Sadly, after Holiday 2011, Gravis discountinued the patch for reasons unknown on the Arto Mid. It seems that a company like Gravis has always been fashion forward and this time tried to put function first. We applaud their efforts but I'm sure it didn't work out for financial reasons. (This is pure speculation, not fact) When I did notice people's reaction towards the rubber piece, it was a strange one. They didn't welcome it and I don't understand why. Sure, in a sense it does stick out but why would you be adverse to a product that could extent the life of your shoe exponentially?

With this review, we're going to try and see how much longer the newly revised Arto Mid can withstand abrasion and wear without it's additional protection from the rubber bumper.

Oh and this video was fucking beautiful. Nice 90's filming.

Big ups to the Predatory Bird, we know you got him on Gravis you handsome devil.

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  1. i am skating a pair of these WITH the ollie patch. probably 15 hours in and you can barely tell they are skated. otherwise all the goodness you'd expect. but imo the ollie patch is really the only compelling reason to get a pair of these.