Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm smart because I've got art.

 Writing about shoes can get stale at times so it's always good to write something for ourselves every now and then. With that segue out of the way, I can talk about some much needed art that I have been fiending for. Even better, I'm supporting a fellow friend that goes by the name of Dedleg.

I've been treating my desire for Dedleg art much like stalking an ex-girlfriend. Occasionally looking at it, wondering when I could get my hands on this whore and hating her for using me just for my satellite radio. With all that aside, I still need to have it. After a few days of being reluctant, I pulled the trigger and spend the dough on some beautiful art. My delayed efforts for buying his art weren't because it was expensive, I'm just uncontrollably cheap (poor). Regardless, I know that having this art would complete a deep desire and appreciation I have for it. Sure, I could've just save the images on my computer and gazed at them whenever I was ready to feel sophisticated and say "ah, look at dis art, it is beu-ti-ful" using my best french accent but I wasn't going to do that. Plus, I've been meaning to actually learn another language so mimicking a frenchmen at best would just be highlighting how dumb & unfocused I am. With this art in my office, I'm even more so invigorated to work. My office isn't dull or empty with some of my favorite skate ads from my adolescent years because those ads make me want to go skate, not work. This art reminds me of simpler times and keeps me at bay. It also reminds me that I'm not the only one working towards global domination. I could be pinky, he could be brain. Take your pick D.

If you find his artwork as awesome as I do, check it out at Even if you're not prone to buy anything, check out his articles and scattered artwork. What you'll find are articles on why you shouldn't push mongo and even better a BQE write up on how you should look forward to the grime and bird shit that covers that underground mess. It'll keep you busy for a couple of hours.

If you're into instant gratification, follow his every move via twitter & FB.

The Fallen 76 review will be posted next week.

"Don't blog about it, do it" - French Montana.

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