Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keep it on and on and on and on and.. KnowhatI'msayin?! - Nas, Memory Lane.

Working hard at the RL's offices.

Normally we had a stronghold over keeping this blog updated on an every other day basis. If not that, we would at least do about 2-4 posts a week.

Well, blame the weather, that & life. Yeah, we hate life....

No worries though, we're coming back with some new material this week. The posts have also taken a break because we've been working on building our website. Anyone who specializes in this medium is more than welcomed to come forth and will be rewarded with as much KFC and old issues of TWS, Thrasher and some Canadian skate magazines I have lying around in storage. Seriously.

This was just an update for you guys who question whether we were dead or not...not yet.

Good news for you & us this Friday,

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