Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Your Consideration: Habitat Footwear Winter '12

Habitat's catalog was recently published online to share some of the upcoming product that they have for Spring 12. We're going to take it a step further and show you what they have in store for Winter 12.

As you can see, Austyn Gillette has his first pro model shoe scheduled for a winter release. Not ideal for a cool wintery season but it could make for a good Christmas gift once the warmer weather comes around. As you've noticed, the norm of today (in order to stay competitive) is a one piece toe. Topping it off is a seamless stitched design throughout the toe and some unique side paneling for a different look. The silhouette isn't anything new & we were under the impression that the boat look was fading but with the uproar of his footage and his flawless skating, I could see kids eating this up no problem. After showing some of the affiliates of the site, I got mixed reviews. Some loved the shoe, others hated it. Myself, I'm on the fence. I don't doubt it's ability to be on every kid's foot next summer but the boat/ loafer inspired look has been coming to an end with the over saturation of the Janoski. I've seen kids kicking themselves once they've noticed their mom & dad are rocking the same shoes 70% of skateboarders are wearing when they choose Nike SB's.

Now, if you want to talk about what I'm looking forward to, it's this.
I'm fucking hyped and excited about the Habitat Getz limited. Kerry shared his photo of his debut model for Habitat on his instagram not to long ago but I'm excited to see the other colorways they've come up with. If some of the paneling and features caught your eye then you're an OG because this design plays off of his actual debut DVS pro model from back when. The philly landscape in the insole is dope and I'm generally looking forward to checking these out myself, possibly for review to convince some of you nonbelievers to cop a pair. If that's not convincing enough, keep into consideration that it's actually a limited shoe and not just called limited to add some unneeded appeal to the shoe. If you don't get these, you'll miss out until a reissue is in order. (and by then, Kerry will still be better than most kids)

Let's seriously give a round of applause to QS. Seriously gotta give credit where credit is due. Possibly the most significant website to be synonymous with the camo pants craze, I'm sure those posts and it's growing popularity has pushed skate brands to follow suit for those consumers looking to match their pants to their shoes to form a prestigious "kit". It's hard to believe that you'd see a camo pattern on anything other than Nike SB but Habitat is willing to take a chance on the probability that this fad will stick around for the next 2 years. It probably will.

The Fallen 76 review was scheduled to be out this week but it's been a shitty weather week and we just need to skate them one more time before it could complete our tradition 20 hour review. If I feel like we're holding up a good post then it'll be our first ever 15 hour review.

Have a good weekend.