Wednesday, November 23, 2011

43 Magazine

43 Magazine is the American dream. You could easily say that Allen Ying is living the American dream. He took a thought and used his skills and resources to gather the skateboarding community together for one cause. All of this sounds like a fairytale but is in fact something we all strive for. To make our dreams a reality.

Allen is a talented photographer but isn't a well known skate photograph to the masses. Skateboarding today holds an energy where you have to be as entertaining as you are talented, if not more. Somewhat like reality tv. Instead of thoughtlessly putting together a campaign that some would love and/ or hate, Allen simply was himself and let his work speak for him.

Allen has a unique eye with a great style to match. I wouldn't even want to imagine one of his photographs next to or on the same page of a "U.S. Army" ad. They are far to powerful. But it isn't just Allen, he's reached out to those close friends and colleagues to bring some of their shared characteristics to print. Inside 43 are photos from Brian Gaberman, Ian O'conner, Andrew Peters, and much more. There is even a written introduction to the Brian Delatorre feature by respected film maker, Josh Stewart. Just from viewing the magazine, you can gauge how much hard work went into it.

If you know the background story of 43, flipping the pages, as well as holding the mag is a surreal experience. I tried my hardest to not lick my fingers while flipping through each page and carefully read every word. The magazine couldn't be more unique. Each word is lower cased and would have english professors gasping for air. Every single element of the magazine is toned down to accentuate the power of each photo. You could easily tell that they truly concentrated on what goes on each page.

 I didn't want to take to many photographs of what lays inside 43 magazine so this would be a good time to go to your local skate shop and pick one up.   

For more information, go to and get a listing of what shop near you has 43 magazine.


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