Wednesday, November 16, 2011

eS Edgar shoe review

    Not to long ago, we were lucky enough to do a shoe review with the premiere of the Bobby Worrest v.s. Edgar video. Clearly, this was a honor by all means because eS was one of our favorite & beloved brands that's gone to skateboarding heaven (temporarily….hopefully). We put out this review much faster than some reviews in the past strictly because of the high demand we received from young high schoolers and single dads looking to afford diapers & skate shoes. Seriously, the request for this review was very overwhelming. It's popularity has definitely increased since Bobby released his last part with eS. His video part was amazing but I was really expecting to see some great remixes of his part. Originally, I was going to remix it to "Wipe me down" by Foxx feat. Webbie & Lil Boosie but time was a huge factor. I think down the line, we'll find some time off and get to it.

Because of how eager you guys were to get the review, we went gun hoe on this one and just dived right in. There is no proper weekly breakdown to this review and it's not divided into equal portions of time for slideshow purposes. Initially, we skated them for 4 hours, then took a photo around the 14 hour mark and finished it off with a 20 hour photo. If you're just checking out the site for the first time, look after each section to view the grading system. We base our ratings from 1-10. 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst. Here's the eS Edgar review, enjoy.

Sizing & Support:
The Edgar, like most eS models, is true to size and can easily accommodate feet, both wide and thin. The shoe is designed with a traditional one piece toe cap but is untraditional in ways that no one has thought of. The complete top layer of the shoe (the black portion) is completely covered by a thick rubber insert that acts as a shield for the top portion of your foot. Not only was this designed to protect your foot from any unwanted damage from your board flying back onto your foot but, it's strategically there to add to the shoes insane amount of durability. This rubber shield does create some discomfort at first but it's only temporary. With any new type of technology, you'll have to work with it in order for it to conform to your foot. You're literally breaking in rubber rather than an ordinary problem, such as a stiff outsole. All of this work pays off in the end because you're left with a durable machine that we couldn't even penetrate after 20 hours of skating.

Sizing: True to Size
Support Grading: 10. Fat feet to small feet, eS will have you covered.

20 hours of skating and this is what we got.

Comfort & Cushion:
So yes, you have to break in the shoe. This may be a big turn off to most of you kids that are now use to skating shoes out of the box but, for those of you who are in your mid 20's, this is nothing new. It truly isn't a big deal to walk around in this shoe for 2 days before it breaks in. As I stated in my original overview, just go to the movies, hit on girls at the mall and if not, get your sorry ass off the couch and on a bike. That's how I broke in the shoes and it worked out great. After you break in the Edgar, there isn't much discomfort but the shoe does tend to stiffen up every now and then. This is due to the large rubber insert in the shoe. It simply doing it's job by consistently staying firm for longevity purposes for skating. In the end, you won't be mad at the shoe but you'll praise it's new technology and wonder why no other shoe brand is doing this at the moment. Just another reason why eS was so fucking awesome.

The shoe also comes equipped with the standard padded collar and tongue. It's nothing overwhelming, it's just sufficient enough to protect your foot. The side panels do have some stitching but it's so far back that it avoids any abrasion, so no blow outs at all. The Edgar's stitching also divides the forefoot area from the heel to keep your foot from moving around in the shoe while skating. You'd never really think that some stitching would make that big of a difference but it does.

From a reviewers point of viewer, we're very pleased with the insole. I can honestly say that it's the thickest and most responsive stock insole I've ever skated. This DTTF (drop to the floor) Pro 2 insole is what makes this shoe that much more amazing. Because the rubber outsole is proportioned enough (not to thick & not too thin) for boardfeel and durability, is why the insole is as thick as it is. The insole makes up the difference in comfort but isn't thick enough to sacrifice any boardfeel. This reason alone should be more than enough proof as to why you should try the Edgar out, aside from the fact that it's practically immortal.

Comfort grading: 8, not a perfect 10 right off the bat but it gets there over time.
Cushion grading: 10, you're equipped with a protective layer of rubber on top, around the collar and tongue. Oh and the DTTF insole is the shit, what more do you want? 

From the 5th hour (top) to the 20th (bottom)

Boardfeel & Grip:
As stated above, the DTTF Pro 2 insole contributes to the quality boardfeel you'd gain from the Edgar. The outsole is on the thicker side which keeps this grip from burning out as fast as most models. Because it's on the thicker side, you shouldn't expect the same boardfeel you would from a slip-on. The boardfeel on the Edgar is more of a protective feeling. It'll feel thick enough under your feet but as soon as you step on your board, you'll be able to decipher each section of your foot, from your corns to your pinky toe. 

The grip on the Edgar's outsole is very unique. Rather than having some flex lines for easily skating them, this outsole is designed more towards longevity. The outsole consists of a rhombus shaped tread pattern. This intricate design has some openings filled while others are left hollow. This allows the shoe to perform two tasks at once. The openings that are hollow supply suction while those that are filled produce grip. Sole tech might not have the deepest pockets in the game but they sure know what the fuck they're doing when manufacturing their best skate shoes. The grip is as good as it sounds. When kicking on some slicker surfaces, you might suffer from a lack of traction but the overall performance is gold on all other surfaces. I was bombing a hill and went past the point where powersliding was an option. Had I tried, it would've just stuck and flung my body into the air so I dragged my foot. I was really skeptical because I didn't want to burn through the outsole but fortunately it held up great.

Boardfeel grading: 7.5, a bit on the thicker side, but that's a good thing.
Grip grading: 10, the grip is one of the best things about this shoe but you wouldn't even suspect it. Great new design & technology with a tradition gum rubber outsole.

Before & After

There really isn't much to say or explain in this section of the review. We've all heard claims of how durable the shoe really is but we want to bring you the facts. We put this shoe through 20 hours of street skating with a fresh new deck and this is the result of that. The double wrapped vulcanized sole does contribute to making the Edgar feel stiff at first but ultimately is what keeps this shoe from burning out within a matter of weeks. The sole itself is sticky, gummy and soft enough to dig your nail in. The fact that it's not entirely too hard or too soft, allows the shoe to shed in a timely manner instead of suffering gouges from the griptape when flicking. Truthfully, I can't even talk about the rubber insert durability because we were never able to penetrate it. The sole will take the bulk of the damage before you even get to the suede and once you do, you'll have a thick layer to rip through. I can undoubtably say that this shoe could probably surpass more 35-40 hours of skating total before even thinking of getting a new pair.

Durability grading: 10, like you didn't already know...

Even though it saddens me to see eS go out of existence, I'm glad that they still delivered the best quality they could before unwillingly going under. The eS Edgar is a great shoe to go out with. It's a model that provided a massive amount of durability and delivered the best performance for your dollar. On average, I've been seeing the Edgar go for $65 and I can honestly say that it's worth every dollar. I don't endorse any websites so just google what you can on the shoe and get a pair. If you can, support your local skate shop first before going online. The eS Edgar will more than likely last you 2 months and hopefully by then you'll realize that you've got to start supporting the brands that truly rep skateboarding.

Side note: I'm just starting to realized that the eS Edgars do come in canvas too and based on the fact that the suede was hardly damaged, this would probably work amazingly as a vegan shoe.

We'll continue to cover everything eS until there is no more to cover. Comeback sometime next week and we'll show you another shoe that eS was going to release but is no more. We've been searching hard but we think we might've found a photo of it. I'll give you one clue of who's pro model it would've been. "Jean Shorts"

Thanks to Fred & everyone at eS that made this review possible. 



  1. Definitely picking up a pair of these with Christmas money

  2. eS are still around 'til next summer or fall.

  3. I've been really confused about these shoes,people have been saying they're fusion, in here it says nothing about being fusion, so could anyone clear this up for me? I'm thinking of picking these up.

  4. There is no clear indication as to whether eS designed this shoe with Fusion technology but I see some similarities in the Edgar compared to other models featuring the Fusion technology.

    The Fusion technology is being integrated more and more with Sole tech's manufacturing so eventually they won't even bother using the word Fusion.

    Hope this helps,

  5. thanks for the info and for answering my question, this blog is awesome. keep it up! (I decided against these and went for what I feel to be a soon-to-be-classic, the es square two fusions)

  6. best es since the accel!

  7. makes me so stoked that i ordered these online, this review makes me wanna double up on them, maybe get the black,blue colorway from my local skateshop (seasons skateshop, somewhere on lark street, albany NY) they've gotta online store too so hit them up and support.
    - Jon Oki

  8. Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment. I get hyped to talk to you guys about any shoe we review on the site.

    Support your local skate shop!

  9. I have the eS Square Two Fusions. How does the board feel compare to those?

  10. Do you think I should get these or the eS Square Two Fusions? They're both for around the same price.