Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coat of Arms Donger Shoe Release

Leather insole with gold lettering and Donger insignia.
 On Friday Nov. 4th, Coat of Arms hosted a shoe release party for the one and only Kien "Donger" Lieu. The man more infamously known for his high ollies and his ability to rock a flat top in any hood was being honored with his own signature shoe. I'm not a party goer of sorts but I couldn't past up the opportunity of missing out on a limited release, let alone a Donger shoe. I've never been into Nike SB QS but once I found out that only 200 pairs of this shoe existed, I finally understood the feeling. I think mine was a bit more rational though, but then again I'm a grown ass man fiending for shoes so all rational thoughts were out the window. Nonetheless, Donger was getting a signature shoe that is well constructed and I wanted it. This leads me to my next point..

Should I skate these shoes?
If this was the rap game, these shoes would be "Little Brother" because despite there extreme talent lyrically, no one still knows about them. It's more or less the same feeling here. The more I look at this Donger shoe, the more it reminds me of the Kellen James model that we missed out on so I'm as tempted as can be. I think I'll host a poll on Facebook eventually and let you guys decide the shoes fate.

Enough about my personal problems, back to the party.
Coat of Arms filled up massively quick regardless of the NYS building capacity code and it was filled with NYC sluttiest sluts, slurring one word after another. It was also filled with skateboarding OG's that were there to honor the man of the night, along with a handful of underage kids lurking for a free beer. You could probably say that a handful of people at the event actually knew what was actually going on but in any case everyone was having a good time. Kien Lieu was DJ'ing throughout the entire event with his signature shoe on and bumping classic 90's skate jams. Sadly, no drunk girls were ollied over.

Felt like 1996 up in COA, that's a good thing...
Best Shirt Ever?
And After. Btw, Girl on the left is givin the mean mug, damn chick.
Asahi proudly sponsored our Debauchery that night. Thank you Bartender Bill!

Brengar of QS looking for a loosy.
That Bart Board is crack, fuck a blog.
One more glance at these beauties...
This photo makes me think of this song.

Thanks to Chapin & Bill at COA for the great event.

Get educated. The opening line in this video is so G, as my man Pat from Mount Vernon would put it, that only Luis Tolentino could recreate it. Extra G points for going that fast down a hill without a shirt. Risky business..... 

I'm no skate historian but if you want to learn more about Donger, check out fellow blogspotter Chromeball Incident.



  1. Really nice shoe. Don't skate em. BTW, what's up with the KA-One review?