Saturday, November 19, 2011

In local news...

These should be the cd's of the week, every week.

Much like the CD's of the week, these are good amount of videos that shouldn't be forgotten within a weeks time.

My fam and 2nd home, 2NTR Clan have come out with a Fall clip with the majority of the team devouring their indoor facility. They're also getting ready to premiere a video from the tri-state areas most alcohol consuming crew.

We'll be using this man's skills asap on some upcoming review so you should expect to see some dope shit.

I saw this and thoroughly enjoyed it while eating breakfast. I had orange juice and a bagel. Both elements complimented each other amazingly.

I can't fucking wait to see this. I'd cover it but my man at NYskateboarding will cover it like no other. He's like the Yolanda Vega of skateboarding. That's a good thing....

Are varial kickflips making a comeback? If so, this kid is leading the way.

Oversea news...
"I'm selling dope, straight on my skateboard, woooo" This crew is unfuckable with and for everyone trying to jump on board with their VCR type recordings, find your own style. Once again, the British invasion is back. This time with no mop tops and more hip-hop.

CONS Ka-One review is coming, no lie.

Nothing new but I'm just in this type of mood today.


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