Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sundays..err day

SUNDAYS ROAD TRIP from Matt Villaverde on Vimeo.

 "I feel like I haven't done shit with my life" are the words that came out of Ashley's mouth after seeing a series of videos from the Sundays crew. Ashley is the behind the scenes contributor here at Ripped Laces and has fortunately processed the ideas that I'm to dumb to think of for the blog. Ashley is a girl, she has a full time job and enjoys watching skate videos with me. She used to skate when we first started going out but after bombing a indoor garage hill and penguin sliding a decent amount on her boobies, skateboarding has taken a backseat. Luckily, 6 years later and her heart is in the right place. She normally gives me a hand with RL's ideas, plus she took a look at the Sundays' videos and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys. I couldn't agree more.

It's hard to sum up "Sundays". Normally, the word "Sunday" is affiliated with the holy day and for others, a day full of football and beer. Leave the church on the block, the football in the stadium but bring the beer and voila, you have "Sundays". They're a group of crazy white boys. The longer, more distinct answer is far more complex but I'll give it a shot.

Ahem...They're a group of crazy white boys who enjoy a good time like non-other.

Okay, this might not have been the far more complex answer you were thinking of but let me explain. Life has many uncertainties. Not everyone is going to be a millionaire, win the lotto or be the next pro for Plan B. For this reason alone, those who have reach the magnitude of being able to live off of skateboarding agree to just skate instead of thinking of being sponsored. Only then do you enjoy it for the right reasons. Same reasoning and logic applies with the gentlemen from Sundays. Honestly, I don't know how to formally introduce them to you. They aren't a "team" & dubbing them a "crew" sounds ridiculous. My best bet is to describe them as a "family".

Another uncertainty are friends. Some may use and abuse trust but for the few that have "true" friends, it's a blessing. Sundays reminds me of the more modern day Hell Ride crew. Saying that may get me killed because it's such a blasphemous claim. Clearly, they aren't anywhere near the Hell Ride crew because they don't have advil for breakfast and have college degrees but regardless of the fact, they share the same passion. John Cardiel, Andy Roy & Julien Stranger went cross country with no promise making it back alive. All of their skating was never premeditated or water down. Sure, Sundays don't have the same hardcore aroma or legendary status but the same rules apply: Skate hard, party harder and do it again.

This comparison of mine comes from when Cardiel spoke about the making of Fucktards. Cardiel said that it was just thrown together, much like anything Sundays does. Have one moment lead to the next moment rather than tricks and parts for a more organic feel.

Mickey Reyes said "You got to see peoples friendships, them partying together and hanging out and that just made you feel like you were home with your bros that you were growing up with, made you feel like this could be me and my homies in the woods. Juggle it any which way you want, it made you feel like this is real skateboarding." The same applies here.

I may or may not be boasting on behalf of the Sundays family but when was the last time you said something and then did it? We all have responsibilities, jobs, relationships and we use these as crutches to not do something adventurous. I guess the meaning behind this whole feature is to let loose, but because I'm no prime example, I'm justifying my point with their videos. You can enjoy their videos either way but don't live vicariously through them, get out and have your own Sundays.

If you want to see more of their videos click here.
For more on Sundays check them out at:

And you can take a look at their zine online as well as in select skate shops:
Sundays Zine -

Colin, Dylan, Johnny, Max make all of these videos possible. Check their sites individually for a look into their souls.

Oh and Skate Jawn too.


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